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This Weekend!

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Since the other thread is locked, thought I'd get another going. We have a couple different things going on this weekend...

First, on Friday, August 12th:


In Excess @ Moda is back!!! More of the best in 80's retropop and new wave jams. Plus free copies of Volume 3 in our 80's compilation series.

10pm to 2am

525 South Water Street

Providence, RI


Then on Saturday night (Sunday morning):


Really excited to play in Therapy again, it's been a few months since our last turn over there, and the Volume, Aftadark and Vicarious dudes always throw bangers. We'll be partying @ Lot 401 beforehand, and hope many of you will meet us there, and head over the Therapy afterwards as well.

Hit me up with any questions about these nights @ [email protected]. Thanks.

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but i thought you said i was over AIM.

i made plans too.. whatever..

making plans with you is like making plans with marko, they never happen so I dont take them seriously.

I <3 you both but you guys have created a pattern.

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Fuck that shit...you have to be a good host and make your guest are happy. He'll appreciate the old shit I have and if not, too bad

Have you ever met Stymie, he'll bitch and moan till he falls asleep on the couch (which is usually like 11pm)

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