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Bush is Not an American - Neither is Igloo

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Bush is Not an American


Jul 26, 2005, 07:15

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Some of the die-hard, rabid right-wingers who still support George W. Bush’s immoral and illegal actions tried recently to overload my email system by flooding it with bitches and moans over recent columns about their poster boy for destruction of the Constitution.

Their grand plan didn’t work. My anti-spam filter caught most of them because it quite properly considers GOP-generated mail spam (as it does for Democratic-generated mail).

The handful of messages that got through cried about the language I use to describe their President.

“Your crude, obscene language destroys your credibility,†one said. “Why not just shut up and go away?â€

Gotta wonder who writes these missives for Bushites since most of the right-wing morons who clutter up bulletin boards like FreeRepublic can’t string together a simple declarative sentence. Probably computer-generated.

They’re not the only ones who get upset at my language when it comes to describing the pukefest called the Bush administration. Hell, my mother complains and she’s no fan of Bush.

Too damn bad. I really don’t give a flying fuck who gets bent out of shape. That’s their problem. With Bush and his gang of goons at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue so hell-bent at destroying the Constitution and America, I don’t have time to be polite. Bush is a heartless bastard who doesn’t play by the rules so why should those of us who still love this country too much to see it destroyed by this madman?

This is no longer an issue of differing political opinions or philosophies. This is war, a fight for survival of a once-great nation called America and war calls for street rules.

In other words: No rules.

Bush, in my opinion, is criminally insane, a pill-popping dry drunk whose erratic behavior and reckless actions threaten world peace and the future of this nation far more than any Islam-spouting religious fanatic. He is an enemy of the state, a mood-swinging despot who threatens the very freedoms that form the foundation for this country. He has created a police state where basic American freedoms have vanished under an politically-exaggerated threat to national scrutiny, milked the human tragedy of 9/11 for his personal agenda and ripped the Constitution to shreds through the USA Patriot Act, a rights-robbing piece of legislation put together by his former attorney general, the bible-thumping John Ashcroft, an inept former Senator who couldn’t even win an election against a dead man.

George W. Bush is also not an American. He and his daddy sold their souls and their loyaltiy long ago to Saudi oil interests, particularly the bin Laden family (yes, the same bin Ladens whose relative masterminded the 9/11 attacks). The bin Ladens, laundering money through Dubya’s old Texas Air Guard buddy James Bath (the North American representative for the bin Laden family bank), bailed out Bush on his failed business adventures and then bankrolled his first run for Texas governor.

According to Craig Unger, author of House of Bush, House of Saud, the Bush family has, over the years, received some $480 million from the Saudi business interests, including the bin Laden family. Bush is a politician and politicians are, by rote, for sale to the highest bidder so you tell us: Has anyone outbid the Saudis and the bin Ladens for Bush’s loyalty?

Having a President on the payroll of the family of the man who killed 3,000 plus Americans on September 11, 2001, raises a very real concern that Bush’s illegal and immoral actions are a lot more than just politics as usual. It may explain the decision to all-but-abandon the search for bin Laden in Afghanistan and move American military resources to the ill-conceived invasion of Iraq. It took less than a year to capture Saddam Hussein yet bin Laden is still at large nearly four years after the September 11 attacks.

All this suggests to me that the President of the United States owes a lot more to his Saudi money boys than he does to the country he has sworn to serve. It tells me the President of the United States is a traitor.

Traitors should not be President. They should be arrested, tried and, upon conviction, punished for their crimes against their country.

And, as far as I’m concerned, anyone who continues to support this traitor to America is equally guilty of treason.

Don’t like those characterizations? Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn if it pisses you off because I do give a damn about my country. It's just too fucking bad that you don't.


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