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Howells & Groove Armada: We love Sundays @ Space

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sorry if i have dissapointed u in the past!!


Well i see that there is a few people on this board that are a little angry !!

wow that's the first time i was ever threatened... "to die"... for playing music.

so my friend "DJ quick 83". you have an open invitation to spirit tomorrow (Friday Aug 19th)

to spin a half hour during my ministry set. and we will see if you can hold it down. (p.s. i never played castles in the sky).

i rarely ever give attention to people who are negative, but it sounds like you are looking for attention and need a little help to get wherever it is you want to go in this business so instead of bashing you back i will try to help u out.and will ask the director of spirit to join me in the booth while you spin. so you can not only show your talent but maybe get a gig.

The night at cielo was booked through Ultra records, I loved the room, the system was awesome and met the owners of cielo that night for the first time. One of the owners even train for Muai Thai at the same gym I do in the city and in the past three years ive never met him.So that kills any rumors of a connection to cielo at all.

no i didn't play hard trance,Roxy,tunnel,factory and exit were places that i played hard and loved every minute of it, music has changed venues have opened and closed, but i still evolve with the music i have been playing since 86 and i think that i have adapted, changed with the styles of music that touched me, and produced my own style that set a trend here in NY and spread to the rest of the world..

I have an extensive house library that is up to date, and goes back to 87.

if you have followed my live sets and my ktu sanctuary sets at all, i sound nothing like a "cheese grater"

Times have changed and if you haven't followed me since roxy how would u know what I play so before you judge make sure you know what you are talking about.

I haven't stopped producing tracks at all. I am releasing "the beast" in September. This track has had the support of David Morales, Angel Moraes,Leecabrera and a lot of overseas house jocks and NYC jocks that I sent it to.

I have been told it was one of the summers biggest records.

And I appreciate the support of every DJ that has played it.

I also had an awesome time at discotheque and from what I saw the people that were there had a great time, we closed early mainly because we went up against crowbar and Danny. Danny is an amazing DJ and producer. Im happy that he was so successful.

One day when there is nothing going on except a" little party that goes a little later on a sat night" ... than everyone else does..... I hope everyone will stop by to see me. Im sure the haters will have a change of mind.

djquick83 don't forget your headphones. I don't share.

I also need a rep from club planet to confirm that djquick83 is djquick83 and not a friend that can actually play records. Maybe Dee u can do this if your not too busy.

Also thanks to all of you who support me and still have my back!!!


Johnny V "VISH"

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