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2005 AP College Poll is announced...

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Reported on espn.com:

1. USC (60)

2. Texas (4)

3. Tennessee (13)

4. Michigan

5. LSU

6. Ohio State

7. Oklahoma

8. Virginia Tech

9. Miami

10. Florida

11. Iowa

12. Louisville (1)

13. Georgia

14. Florida State

15. Purdue

16. Auburn

17. Texas A&M

18. Boise State

19. California

20. Arizona State

21. Texas Tech

22. Boston College

23. Pittsburgh

24. Fresno State

25. Virginia


Alabama 121, Oregon 97, Utah 77, Georgia Tech 62, Bowling Green 57, N.C. State 57, NC STATE 57, Colorado 38, UCLA 19, Minnesota 18, Iowa State 18, Miami (OHIO) 15, MIAMI OH 15, Penn State 11, UTEP 10, Oregon State 8, Wisconsin 5, Nebraska 3, Memphis 3, Clemson 3, Colorado State 1, Notre Dame 1, Southern Miss 1, Toledo 1, Wyoming 1, West Virginia 1.

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Honestly, I think Pre-Season Polls are ghey. Take this Poll as a prime example.

My team is the Hurricanes, but they're ranked too high. The OL is depleted and they have a new starting QB. Florida is just ranked WAY too high in my opinion. They have a first year coach with new coaching staff and should be around 16th in the country. Louisville is ranked too low. Michigan and Tennessee are ranked too high. Iowa is ranked too low.

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i've always thought that they should just use the last poll from the previous season. if a team really sucks and is ranked high, or vice-versa, eventually it would take care of itself as the season goes by. overated teams would lose some games, and underated teams would be able to win tough games.

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