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New & Notable Releases for 22-28 August 2005

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The following titles have been received at American wholesalers over the past week and should be available at your favorite specialist retailer this week.

Soundsamples for most of the following tracks may be found at our website www.rezrec.com

Bootlegs & Acapellas

A Flock Of Seagulls “Space Age Love Story†White USA 12 – KF001, Josh Patrick remix with the original vocals and instrumentation worked into a funky house orchestration. Flipside is a similar styled rework of FC Kahuna “Nothing Is Wrong.â€

David Guetta “Just A Little More Love 2005†White GER 12 – JUST001, bigroom trance reworking with the original chorus in all its handraising glory worked into driving rhythms and uplifting melodies.

LaBelle “Lady Marmalade 2005†White ENG 12 – DERIG8, energetic bigroom disco-tinged house reworking of this classic track with hooks of the original vocal worked into the production. Flipside features a similar-styled reworking of Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star.â€

Rick Springfield “Jesse’s Girl 2005†White USA 12 – JGD001, funky house reworking by Josh Patrick with the full original vocal and guitar line worked into the production. Flipside is a similar-styled rework of The Flirts “Danger†.


Avenue D “Do I Look Like A Slut†69 USA 12 Part 2 – Second 12†for this solid, dishy bigroom electrotribal release on Rauhofer’s imprint featuring the solid remix by Size Queen that was released on C5 a few weeks back as well as a vinyl-only reworking by Hector Fonseca for the big tribal floors.

Axwell “Watch The Sunrise†Axtone ENG 12 - beautiful summery house production from Axwell here with a catchy male vocal dubbed into the disco-tinged orchestration nicely. Includes a full instrumental version on the flip.

Andy Caldwell “Brand New Day†Swank USA 12 – Smooth, sultry garage vocal cut with a seductive female vocal over the flowing deep live and synthesized house orchestration. Perfect for the smaller rooms, with two solid remixes on the flip.

Charles & King “Parallel Realities†Mixturi ENG 12 – Dark, driving progressive-tinged tribal cut with a hooky spoken female vocal worked into the production. Remix on the flip from Habersham is more purely progressive in feel.

Digital Dog “Clothes Off†Boss ENG 12 – a cover of Jermaine Stewart’s “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’ in a poppy Eric Prydzesque style with hooks of the chorus worked into the energetic production. Three mixes, all fun and festive.

Steve Farris “Keep Givin†Spinnin BNX 12 – Seductive house cut with a smooth male vocal over solid instrumentation and an energetic rhythm line. Two mixes, both solid summertime productions.

Freemasons “Love On My Mind†Loaded ENG 12 Part 1, Part 2 and C5 – UK edition of this massive house cut with its hooky female vocal integrated over a driving disco-tinged orchestration. Disc 1 features the original as well as a chunky tech reworing from Coburn while disc 2 features solid remixes from Full Intention and ATFC. CD-Maxi has all

Lauren Hidebrandt “Burnin Out†Music Plant USA 12 and C5 – Bigroom circuit house cut with a driving diva vocal and a plethora of remixes, from Mike Cruz and Liquid 360’s powerful productions to the more classic house style of Georgie Porgie’s mix. Perfect track for the upcoming Labor Day events to end summer on a high note.

Paul Johnson “She Got me On†Data ENG 12 and C5 – Chunky funky new track from the veteran Chicago producer, with a hooky male vocal over trademark rhythm and dark house synth lines. Remix on the flip from Eric Kupper in a more uplifting, disco-tinged style.

Camille Jones “The Creeps†Tommy Boy USA 12 – Funky R&B influenced cut picked up by Tommy Boy with mixes for the bigger clubs coming from That Kid Chris and Asle, both of which preserve the punchy female vocal full of attitude while bumping up the tempo for more energetic floors.

Mohito f/Howard Jones “Slip Away†Get Freaky GER 12 – Samples of an old Howard Jones track given a dusting for 2005 with a chunky, slightly tech-tinged orchestration. Remix from Sunlovers gives the track a more French disco-tech house interpretation with tons of energy and punch, while Steve Angello provides his own unique twist to the track on the flip.

Prodigy “Outta Space†XL ENG 12 – Audio Bullys taking a crack at the latest Prodigy single which lifts a vocal sample from the old ragga classic and gives it a funky, chunky cut up reworking similar to what they produced with the samples of Nancy Sinatra “Bang Bang†earlier this year. Includes full vocal and dub mixes.

Psychofuk “Psychofuk 2005†69 USA 12 – Second set of remixes from Peter Rauhofer’s imprint on this revival of a mid-90s classic. This edition features a solid set of remixes from Robbie Rivera and Larry M, both energetic, punch dark tribal-tech monsters that may suggest a new direction for the label.

Redanka “Waves 2005†RIP ENG 12 – King Unique reworking this progressive cut from last year into a powerful tech house production that adds a touch of tough punchiness to the hooky original with its seductive vocal sample. Includes full vocal and dub versions.

Room 5 “Make Luv 2005†Blowup GER 12 – New renditions of this massive house cut from 2002 here with Milk & Sugar giving their trademark production style that fits wonderfully with the vocal while Laurent Konrad pairs the vocal with an instrumentation that borrows heavily from the Fleetwood Mac classic “Stand Back.’

Staci “Trouble†Slaag USA 12 – Gorgeous new garage cut from Slaag here with a stunning vocal performance supported by warm house synth orchestrations and shuffly rhythm lines. Includes full vocal and dub versiosn.

Trance & Progressive

Ernesto & Bastian “The Dark Side Of The Moon†Intelligence GER 12 – German edition of this massive vocal trance production features a new, powerful reworking by DJ Shog in a bigroom Teutonic anthemic style. Release also includes the much-in-demand full vocal mix by Dogzilla and the original version.

Ariel G “Fallen Angel†Behold USA 12 – Haunting new progressive cut with a stunning female vocal worked over the dark, enveloping swells of deep synth and shuffly rhythm lines. Includes a punchier, techier mix by Jesse Perez and a smoother reworking from Pobresito.

Hemstock & Jennings “The Passion†Mondo ENG 12 – Massive new UK instrumental trance release here with waves of melodic synth, dramatic breakdowns and buildups and energetic rhythm lines. Classic UK production with a remix from John O’Callaghan on the flip.

Nick Muir “Frankenstein†Apache ENG 12 – Big buzz record in the progressive and tech circles gets its release with a driving production that takes the best of progressive synth orchestration and merges it with the chunky punch of UK tech house. On the flip is a massive breakbeat interpretation.

New Releases For 15-21 August 2005

Bootlegs & Acapellas

Energy 52 vs Ultra Nate “Café Del Free†White ENG 12 – 40ST, hooks of the synth line from Energy 52 worked into the orchestration and hooks of the vocal of Ultra Nate’s classic “Free.†Flipside is the instrumental of Daft Punk “Voyager†blended with the vocal of Shawn Christopher “Another Sleepless Nightâ€.

The Pasadenas “Right On 2005†White SPA 12 – OST002, chunky house reworking of this old funk track, with hooky samples of the vocal and original trumpet line worked into the production.

Various “Mashed Up Funk 2†White ENG 12 – MAL002, a collection of 4 different mashups, including one of the Jackson 5. All 4 in the funky retro seventies style.

Bizarre Inc “Old Skool 2005†White ENG 12 – chunky techy house reworking of this old Bizarre Inc number with a funky disco-tinged undercurrent. CYCLONE001.

Coburn “We Interrupt This Program†White ENG 12 Bootleg – track that now features heavily in a European commercial getting an energetic techy house reworking in a dark pumpy house style somewhat along the lines of Junior Jack or Antoine Clamaran. 1COBURNDJ.

Coldplay “Speed Of Sound 2005†White GER 12 – three new instrumental trance reinterpretations by CJ Stone of this huge hit by Coldplay, all in an energetic melodic orchestral style. WL032.

Fleetwood Mac “Big Love 2005†White ENG 12 – slightly retro-influenced reworking of this classic number with the full original vocal in a smooth summer house orchestration. BIGLOVE.

Ruffneck vs Martin Solveig “Everybody Be Somebody 2005†White ENG 12 – Martin Solveig’s current club hit mashed up with the vocals from the Ruffneck classic, very well produced mashup. Flipside features a techy reworking of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.†LESLIE01.

Snoop Dogg & Justin Timberlake “Signs 2005†White ENG 12 – DDE003, Justin Harris mixes in a funky electro-tinged house style with both full vocal and dub versions.


Atlantic Soul “Just Got Paid†Rootz BNX 12 – cover of the old Johnny Kemp pop tracks from the late 80s, this puts a fairly solid vocal rendition over some energetic house orchestrations, with a remix from Stonebridge.

B-Crew f/Barbara Tucker “Set Me Free†Globe GER 12 – Paxon on the mix of this sultry deep garage track with La Tucker’s seductive vocal taking center stage in the production.

Colette “What Will She Do For Love†Om USA 12 – Gorgeous new single on Om from DJ Colette, with two solid mixes by Kaskade that ride the line between garage and a more energetic classic house production, which sets the vocal beautifully. Also includes solid mixes from Andy Caldwell and East Coast Boogiemen.

Global Deejays “Network EP†Superstar GER 12 – New EP of covers of classic tracks incluing Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now†and the old Stars on 45 classic. Fans of their previous work should find this new release useful.

Jamiroquai “Seven Days In Sunny June†Sony ENG 12 – Smooth new single from the man in the hat with two solid garage mixes, with Steve Mac and Ashley Beedle both taking turns with Jay Kay’s stunning vocal. Perfect for the smaller intimate floors or poolside play.

Mike Da Wizard & DeMarko “Will You be Mine†Fuego USA 12 – Chunky, tribal-tech monster with hooky chants and a catchy Spanglish diva vocal performance with Latin overtones to the production. Includes full vocal and dub versions.

Roger Sanchez “Turn On The Music†Stealth ENG 12 – Hotly tipped new single from the veteran producer with a funky, seductive chunky house orchestration that pairs nicely with the soulful male vocal. Dark and driving release that is the essence of peak hour Ibiza.

Sunloverz “Shine On†Clubland GER 12 – Fans of the Eric Prydz or Junior Jack approach to 80s reworkings will enjoy this new single from Germany with an old loop (we think it is an old Simply Red sample) given energetic house orchestrations with mixes from Olav Basoski, Heiko Laux and Reloaded. Perfect summer party track to get the floor jumping.

Supacell “It’s Here It’s Now†Low Pressings ENG 12 – produced by Peace Division, this is a hooky, techy electrohouse production with a catchy vocal sample, chunky rhythm lines and aggressive synth stabs. Includes a remix from 20:20 Soundsystem on the flip.

Trance & Progressive

Rhythm Code “Lullaby†Cuba ENG 12 – Haunting vocal progressive cut with spacious orchestrations, seductive rhythm lines and an ethereal female vocal worked into the production. Rides the line between a deep progressive and a smooth house cut, very dark and mysterious in sound.

John 00 Fleming “Attention†Joof ENG 12 – Instrumental trance track of the week here as Fleming unleashes two more trademark anthemic compositions with waves of melodic synth, driving rhythm lines and majestic breakdowns and builds. UK trance at its finest.

Paul van Dyk “The Other Side†High Contrast BNX 12 – Dutch edition of the latest single from the German trance master features new, more progressive reworkings from Mark Spoon and Deep Dish to complement the trancier original and remix by Martin Roth. All mixes feature use of the solid male vocal.

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Paul van Dyk “The Other Side†High Contrast BNX 12 – Dutch edition of the latest single from the German trance master features new, more progressive reworkings from Mark Spoon and Deep Dish to complement the trancier original and remix by Martin Roth. All mixes feature use of the solid male vocal.
I have this, and it is awesome!

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