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NYC review

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We get on the road by 11:45.... drive down takes about 4 hrs... check into the hotel around 4, we got a suite at the Warwick.. Plac looked like grandmas house, the only thing missing was the plastic over the couches... After we check in, we buy a bottle of Patron, 2 bottles of grey goose and a six pack of Coronas for 16.25... We get our drink and yay on around 6... We have plans for dinner at 8:30... so after drinkin and whatnot, 8:30 rolls around and we're fuckin lit.. My buddy looks at me and says " so you really gonna eat" I start laughing" and rip one down.. Our plans for the night was to go to Lotus... So we have some friends over for pre-game.. We head over to Lotus and it was a fuckin mess.. There were so many people I couldn't even see the place, and my buddies friends who was gonna hook it up, def didn't come through.. So my buddies just wanna head back and throw a party.. So Vyto, his buddy Joe from Philly and myself hop in a cab and head to Sully... Get to sully, get whacked around by flabby girl arms for like 10 minutes and then who do I spot, MR Erik Hanna.. so we chill w/ erik, serge and a few other peeps an decide to eat power pellets like I was pacman.., I leave at three w/ or so w/ a buddy, when leaving I see the blindest DJ in Nyc, John Dill... we hug for a few and then I leave... get back to the hotel to a full out Rave... mirrors are off the wall being put to good use, chicks are wrecked in bearly anything.. This goes on till about noon... Then at noon we call the front desk to have the village voice delivered b/c we want hookers... We call and have two Nubian sisters to the room.. where my buddy calls me into the room and asks me if I like em... I look at them and start laughing and proceed to tell them " see ya"... So since they didn't work out we call some asian hookers over... they walk in, 4 guys huddled around the mirror, now its around 3pm saturday... I decide to video tape the propersition with my cell phone.. These were the two ugliest fuckin things I have ever seen, so I offer them a rail.. where they reply in chinese " we don't speak english" and I say, "good that means more for me fuckfaces"... So one friend bangs one in the bathroom and the other pays 100.00 for her to get naked and jump on the bed... So the whores leave and we go to bed, where I sleep for 13 hrs... wake up at 5am to Joe Mama giving me his secret medicine... and about 35 more people for another afterhrs.. I have people sitting on my bed smoking weed, chicks everywhere and I got bedhead like ya read about.. So I shower and walk into the living room, and wouldnt ya know it, about 15 people in line for the mirror, but they got smart the second night and took down another mirror...This goes on till about noon yesterday.. Erik Hanna layed in every single bed on the 5th floor satnight/sun morning... All in all, don't know how I made it home alive, but i'm at work... Good weekend all together.. seen the regular nyc peeps and meet some new ones...

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joe!!! bummed i didnt get to see you!!! hope you had a blast though!!!!!! come to boston to visit next time damnit!!!!

i'm craving more cheesesteak!!!!

vyto- derka derka :tongue:

jeff i love that story!! i wish i had an asian hooker jumping on my bed!!! :hoparound

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