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GOP Senator Says Iraq Looking More Like Vietnam

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GOP Senator Says Iraq Looking More Like Vietnam

POSTED: 2:22 pm EDT August 21, 2005

UPDATED: 2:28 pm EDT August 21,


WASHINGTON -- A leading Republican senator said Sunday the longer the U.S. spends in Iraq, the more that conflict starts looking like the Vietnam War.Vietnam veteran Chick Hegel, of Nebraska, told ABC's "This Week" the U.S. needs to draft a strategy to leave Iraq. A "stay the course" policy isn't working," Hagel said, adding that more troops isn't the answer, either.Fellow Republican Senator George Allen said the Iraq war is different than Vietnam, because the enemy is so different. The Virginia lawmaker told ABC the terrorists in Iraq -- with no uniting political philosophy -- are very different from the communist-guided North Vietnamese. The militants in Iraq need only disrupt the country, not "win the hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people, Allen said.Both Allen and Hagel are considered possible candidates for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008.

Anti-War Ad Refused By Utah Braodcaster

A TV station in Salt Lake City is refusing to air an anti-war ad that features "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan -- the woman who's been staging a vigil near President George W. Bush's Texas ranch. She lost a son in Iraq.The ad shows Sheehan pleading with Bush for a meeting. She also accuses him of lying about the reasons the U.S. invaded Iraq. And, Sheehan adds, "it's time to admit mistakes and bring our troops home now."The ad is already running on other TV stations in the Salt Lake City area. But KTVX, an ABC affiliate, found it "inappropriate commercial advertisement" that could "be offensive to our community in Utah. "After a week in seclusion at his Texas ranch, Bush is heading out on the road for a pair of speeches focusing on Iraq and the war on terror.On Monday, the president is scheduled to address the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Salt Lake City. After that, he'll be making his first visit as president to Idaho, spending two days at a resort there before speaking to military families Wednesday near Boise.Aides say the president has been mixing ranch work with recreation, while getting his daily White House briefings.


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