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BALANCE series launches new offshoot 'ELECTRIC 01' with Gavin Keitel (EQ)

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Australian Melbourne based EQ’s Balance compilation series has highlighted the DJing careers of many today’s greatest DJs, both veteran scenesters (Anthony Pappa, Chris Fortier) and new talent (James Holden). The series has earned worldwide recognition for the clubbing cognoscenti and the EQ label is now poised to jumpstart a new offshoot series to Balance titled Electric to capture the exciting new sounds of upcoming talent making their way through the DJ ranks. The Electric series aims to continue the label’s commitment to cutting edge & quality underground music focusing more on the future stars & some of the best up and coming talent around.

The first release Electric_01 mixed by Gavin Keitel, a veteran DJ from Melbourne has an envious tracklisting and mixing that’sâ€hot-wired with electro and tech-house components.†This genre crossing mix spans house, electro & techno and features tracks and remixes from Tiefschwarz, DJ T, Superpitcher & the massive “Elektrofant†by Hugg & Pepp fused into an electro-tinged German minimal house sound. On this benchmark series, Gavin is preoccupied with the flow of emotion and energy in each record, and in perfecting the craft of controlling the relationship between those records for the benefit of the listener.

As a masterful DJ, Gavin believes "if you've got a cutting edge record that you want to use to take a club to the next level, but you get the timing wrong, you've wasted the moment. My approach to key mixing and knowing my records inside out means that I never miss that opportunity." This album nails down all those “right†moments and unearths the techier side of the dancefloor with edgy electro sounds and defining uplifting elements, broken up with twisted sounds. The impeccable programming on this album contains the new timeless classics showcasing the current underground sounds making their memorable mark on dancefloors right now.

Electric_01 starts off on a deep groovy step with Inaqui Marin ‘Six’ into a Tiefschwarz remix of Osulande “Pride†that can be heard in the early mornings of a grinding dancefloor that draws you further into the mix. Another remix hero, Tiga struts his prowness on Drama Society ‘Crying Hero,’ a staple in Gavin’s sets for the last year. Techno artist Robert Babicz “Mover†is an amazing dirty heaver that leads into the subtle build of Einmusick “Jittery Heritage.†The mood shifts into the memorable Hugg & Pepp “Snabeln†with jarring rave-like strings, dirty electro grooves and uplifting melody that emerge and grab you. The deep techno of Double X “City Lights†brings an intelligent melodic feel to it with just enough warmth sans the saccharine. Dirt Crew have been doing big things for a while now, and their mix of Sasse “Soul Sounds†shows their sinister side. It just throbs along nicely then those wild stabs just seem to come out of nowhere with its unique sound that might even overwhelm some but will lead the willing into the next stage of the mix. After so many cross over successes on his own Get Physical label, DJ T. takes a different path with the first release of his Boogie Playground LP. “Rising†is a deep, hypnotic killer that grows in intensity from start to finish and takes you into the epic master piece Dirk Leyers “New Serious One.†The Broker/Dealer “Boots & Pants†has long been a Michael Mayer staple and here it gets some of the recognition it highly deserves. The last track rounds up the sum of the experience with the finale Superpitcher “Happiness†a melodic, uplifting, timeless tune that encompasses all the emotions that have gotten the mix to this point. From day one, Gavin knew that the original LP version would be just the right touch of class. A record that will remain in his box forever, simply beautiful.

With Gavin Keitel’s foray into the global dance music consciousness, the new Electric series is sure to follow the success of the much lauded Balance series.


Gavin Keitel - ‘ELECTRIC 01’

August 23 - EQ

For fans of Danny Howells, John Digweed, Damian Lazarus


“Gavin Keitel [gives] this series the kick start it needed with an emotive and cutting edge mix that will surprise many of you, and leave some of the big name mixes that are out now looking quite ordinary.†– RESIDENTADVISOR.NET

"[Gavin Keitel] one of Melbourne’s quiet achievers, has a great ear for emotion while knowing what will work a dancefloor." – CANBERRA TIMEST

"The post-apocalyptic cool of Sasse's 'Soul Sounds' or the melancholic beauty of Superpitcher's 'Happiness' is testament to this guys' abilities and passion for his art. This kicks off a new compilation that wants for us to keep an eye on things as they develop, and is bound to get Gavin work in whatever city he finds himself. " –WAX PAPERT

Gavin Keitel U.S. Tour Dates TBA.



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