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Unhappy with highlights- any stylists??

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Hi there,

Yesterday I went into a salon Ive never been to before. I got recemmended to them so I gave it a shot. Very nice people, the color she showed me to do for my highlights was like a light caramel. (I have medium brown hair with some natural highlights from the sun). I told her I wanted highlights, but natural looking (meaning not like big chunks). Nothing too blonde.

I had to get out of there right after they washed out the highlights bc I had to be somehwere so I didn't get to have it blown out.

Well when it dried, I see the SLIGHTEST difference, it looks likie the top is a little lighter in some places but really my hair would do that if i spent an hour in the sun so i dont feel its worth all the money i spent..

To make a long story a bit shorter. I called this morning and told them and they said come in tomorrow. They also said it wouldnt cost me anything.

Heres my dilemma: Im nervous theyre going to say they see the highlights just to kinda shut me up. I have this overall nice to everyone, being a yes person thing where i tend to get walked on so I don't know how to handle this if it goes a dif way then I hope.

If there are any stylists here, can you suggest anything? Obv I will tip her again so now shes gonna have $40 bucks form me. I have no problem writing that but when it comes down to it i am a pushover a bit and i dont want to end up walking out of there feeling bad or without my hair the way I want it.


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I've noticed that sometimes you have to let the color set in...like a few days after I really start to see my highlights but not so much after i get it done...i know it's wierd. The bottom line is that you paid good money and you want what you want...if they say they can see it just say, "you know what I'd feel more comfortable if you either lightened it a touch more or put a couple more in." You want what you paid for! good luck....

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