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Check out WWW.THEPOUND.CA, Canada's newest online community dedicated to all things music related and lots more! With already close to 1000 members its one of the fattest growing communities of its kind!


If you were an existing member of www.soundbwoy.net, there is no need to re-register. You'll find that your account is still active and your post count is unchanged.

As a member of THEPOUND.CA you'll be able to take advantage of many features that Soundbwoy.net did not offer, as well as network with even more people across Canada and throughout the world.



*Advanced Forums*

We've added forums for just about every genre of music along with general discussion forums which include jobs & careers, automotive, computers & technology, restaurants, movies and well, you get the idea. We've also added advanced searching and quick-reply features to help navigation.

*User Photo Galleries*

As a user here at THEPOUND.CA you'll be able to upload and arrange your own photo gallery FREE for others to view! You'll also be able to leave comments on other member's photos and receive comments on your own, to see others pictures just view there profile!

*Instant Messenger*

Once registered at THEPOUND.CA you will have FULL ACCESS to our INSTANT MESSENGER to chat with other online members. This is a great feature if your work/school establishment has blocked the use of instant messengers (MSN or AIM) and you'd like to keep in touch with friends. Once logged in simply click, 'instant messenger' in the top left corner. Members that are available for IM will have a green icon beside their name.

*Friend Search*

Meet others on THEPOUND.CA using a variety of search fields (city, likes, dislikes, etc.). You can also create your own 'friend' profile, including a photo of yourself and a detailed bio. Whether your looking for a musician to jam with, or something a little more, this is a great feature if your looking for other liked minded individuals in your area.

*Advanced Journals*

We took your average web journal and stepped it up a notch. All registered users can have their own web journal which features a rich WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor allowing even the most novice computer user to customize there entries with ease. Don't feel like sharing your journal with the entire Internet? Simply make your journal 'private' and you'll be the only person to access it.

*Games (Over 100+, all High score enables)*

Looking for a little competition? We have over 150 games ranging from Action, Arcade, Puzzle and more. All the high scores will be kept in THE POUNDS database so you can see who is the king/queen of the arcade world. Tetris anyone?

*Humour Section*

Need to kill some time? Or do you need a good laugh? Did you find something funny that you want everyone to see? THEPOUND.CA has tons of funny videos/photos for you to check out. Users can also upload links to funny media that they want to share with other Pound members.

*My Uploads Section*

Do you hate having to host your files on another site just so you can post it on some forums? As a registered user here at THEPOUND.CA you'll be able to upload jpg,gif,png,mp3,wav and more! You'll also be able to browse other members' files. This is great feature if your an artist looking to post some of your material, or an event promoter looking to post your flyer. Or if you just want to post that beautiful mugshot of yours!

*Downloads Section*

THEPOUND.CA download section is divided into categories ranging from music, to videos and more. Users will be able to browse and add links to all sorts of media.

*Updated Links Section*

Want to share your website with other members? Simply add it to our links section for others to view.

*Daily Horoscopes*

We've added a horoscope section for Pound users. They feature today's horoscope, as well as tomorrow's and yesterday's.

*Customizable Weather Forecast*

Our weather module gives you a detailed weekly forecast for the city of your choice! Definitely one of the more practical modules we've added for users here at THEPOUND.CA.

*Quote of the Day Block*

Impress people at the office with a witty quote from our 'quote of the day' block located at the bottom left of the main page.

*Up to the minute News Updates from across Canada*

As a member of THEPOUND.CA you'll be able to send us news articles and participate in conversations regarding issues going on around the country.


Thanks to the efforts of Dan J. from syntech, The Pound has got an incredible custom template with amazing graphics and custom icons! This man has went above and beyond with helping in the design of The Pound.

So we hope that keeps you busy for a little while! We are always open to suggestions. Got an idea for improvement to the site? E-mail me admin@thepound.ca and we will do all in our power to see that it gets done!

We still have a couple surprises up our sleeves for WWW.THEPOUND.CA. We'll be adding loads of new features within the next few months.


Joshua & The Pound Staff

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