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Girlz wut do u prefer tight pantz or mini skirtz????

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neither...both tight pants and mini skirts make me feel like a booty ho and restrict my dancing ability. It makes me sad that i have to dress up like a hussy just so that i can get into the clubs to dance...and OMG the shoes!! damn the shoes!!! But oh well, i will continue to to do it....and i suppose, to answer the question...tight pants are much better than mini skirts...there is a little more freedom

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It def. depends on my mood . . . I like both . . . but wearing short skirts lets guys think for some stupid reason that it's okay to put their hands up them. That's when people get kicked with platforms. Fun fun fun. biggrin.gif

But I agree w/ Jov - def. restricts ability to dance.




"And those who were seen dancing

were thought to be insane by those

who could not hear the music."

[email protected]

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Mini skirts are not good. But for some reason I used to wear them like 4 years ago... not to a club.. it took me to realize till I saw some other girl walking down the street and seeing guys look at her like a hore or something.. that I should reserve it for a club or not be walking on the street like that ...

But tight pants are more fun. You can dance on that stage all you want with out having a million guys looking up at your butt if you are wearing a mini-skirt. smile.gif

But I like both.

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