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How does the front door decide who to let in?

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it's not always about your look, but the look of the ladies your with. A guy could look like a shlub, but if he's traveling with a pack of hotties, his odds just got much better.

Or, if you're with the fellas and everyone is dressed, but have no ladies, it could still take a while for 'em to let you in.

it seems pretty random sometimes.

you just gotta stroll on up like you belong there, like it's your house!

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i've never been turned down before...i guess cuz i'm a lady but i would assume you have to act nice to the people at the door even if your putting on a front, the less clothes the better and uniqueness counts.


"I'm like the lord of a fucken dance....i've got moves" harmonie_rose@hotmail.com

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