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guy dressing as a girl

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i am a guy who likes to dress as a girl. Can any girls advise me on what outfits would be best to wear ??? Are miniskirts ok ??? What type of tops should i wear. I wear a size 36B bra.


Chris D.

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Hi Chris,

I am one of the girls you could say. I am really into dancing all dolled up. My main stomping ground is Toronto but I live closer to NYC and hope to check it out.

As for your question. I think you'll find most of the clothes you want in the misses section of a dept store. The other option is high end sesigner stuff but thats pricey..I like Betsy Johnson stuff..about $200.00 a dress.

Since you are a born guy and you have no real hips it's best to stay away drom skirts. A flared dress with vertical line will make you look more girlish. Diagonal lines work well too. The other thing is to move your hips as much as you can...but do it right!..for one it builds the muscle and the other it actenuates the image.

When I walk the streets in Toronto, I don't try to pretent I am a woman. I dress in Paris Blues and wear a halter top. I also wear a bandana and some kinda wild mules or block heeled sandals.

I am not a fag, I am a construction worker and I take not crap. But I live to love and solve my issues that way.

I hope you meet open people with no fears and have a good time Chris.

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