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wide leg jeans?

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Hey guys,

this might be a stupid question, but what type of wide leg jeans do you guys wear? Not looking for super wide, raver type. Just nice ones to wear over nice clunky black shoes. I use to get Rockets, but all the store that use to sell them have closed down. I really like my Mavi wide legs, but they are fading too quickly.

Any help?? Thanks!

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I wear three different ones.....Mavi's are my favorite...I also like Lucky's a lot and if you can scrountge up enough money Diesel SnakeX's are good.

Best quality is the diesels by far....but Ithink the Mavi;s are the most comfy...

good luck



And Everything Will Flow....Flow....Flow....


"The Futures So Bright.......I Gotta Wear Shades"

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