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Online Diesel retailers

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One question on the site you gave me. I don't know much about Diesel, and the pictures on there don't help me out much. I'm fixing to bid on some jeans on ebay. Could anyone match them up to some jeans on the urbanevolution site? http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=565766206



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where do u live anyway??? if theres not a diesel store near you, i know bloomingdales and nordstrom carry diesel also.

as for the finishes, it depends. their dirty denim is more of a dark indigo with the fading having a red tint to it.

their stone washed dirty denim (which looks like wats on ebay) is more blue and has more severe fading to it (ie, a lot more obvious). there are other finishes also (i suggest their black waxed denim, but thats VERY hard to find), but the best way is to go to a store and see them for yourself since you cant really tell in pictures what they look like unless you know what youre looking for.

as for kratt, kulter, and franker; those are all their different cuts. the web site explains them. and the retail is usually $125 , so the one on ebay seems like a good deal.

hope this helps.

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