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Good little clubbers go here (Go to club NYC to start game)

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You wake up in a large club on a white couch covered with white feathers. Every where you can hear great music on the best damn sound system you've ever heard. Everybody is naked and happy..You feel like you just took the best E in your life but you know that you are actualy in Heaven..

The DJ speaks over the speakers and you look up at the DJ booth across the room. You can't see him since he is glowing white and the light hurts your eyes to look at for too long. All you can make out are two pairs of headphones floating inside the light and a pair of record players as he switches the VYnil..

"Hello..this is GOD. Since you have been such a great litle clubber in your life I am granting you the chance to go back and start over. Now don't make the same mistake and choose wisely. PLUR baby!"

the light envelops you and you find yourself back at: http://www.clubplanet.com/



"We are connnnected.."

[This message has been edited by mugwump (edited 07-16-2001).]

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