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Nice Guy, Los Angeles, seeking Friendship;


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Why's thing's like mere sincere friendship with the opposite sex, be it, female, seem like harder to attain, and be without contamination with a secret agenda, like sex, selfish (?) (i.e.: friendship with benefit's), or, those of some men that get a great girl, but don't exhibit to know what they have, hurt the girl or cause themselves to lose her and/or what they may have had, be it, (thing's were great, misc., then the guy started screwing up). I mean, who doesn't already know that 'life is short', moment's (are suppose to be) worth cherishing, sigh . . . and even though God's Word says it's gonna get worse before it gets better, some people seem to go on clueless as to somehow self destroy; I mean, Arnold said in the movie, “T2â€, (It's in your nature to destroy yourselves). Why do we as humanity prove that to be true? It just seems that humanity for as long as I've been on this rock, humanity seems to keep justifying 'judgment day', as everything is recording where Father is, and still some people continue to smoke other's while other's are getting smoked, even careless, endless death's due to either someone driving too fast, further due to drinking and driving or otherwise, and still other's, back to my original thought, other's not knowing what they have, be it a great girl to hold, love and cherish, hurting her (physically, emotionally, or otherwise); sure, I've seen some women sitting on the curb, crying their eyes out from time to time in my life, but continued walking on by, it just being another one of my observation's of humanity during my time among humanity on this rock. And because I'm among humanity, I'm no different than other people, I'm as human as the next person, but my observation's seem to plague me in sadness as well as self-dislike of being down here, thus, of course, yeah, sure, I'd love to be back, as a non-individual, inside and a part of Father, whom dispensed me forward, out of Himself, just like He's done with every other Soul. And sure, JC/Father doesn't give us more than we can handle, and knows us (individually) more than we know, but that feeling, that feeling inside of us, where ya just feel the overall, overwhelming feeling of sadness, like to see and hear what Father sees and hears but for a mere moment, we'd be so totally blown away, it'd leave us speechless, but I remember (for myself), to never question the Father ever, to accept, and to try and bring alittle peace and love to another , playing a (honest, truthful, sincere, etc.) part in another's life, (i.e.: a female friendship where both are free to be themselves, where the (right knowing moral's) or trust and respect are exhibited, because I was (One) of those whom had, but lost due to not knowing what I had, no shame, but being human, I chose to learn, grow and mature from. Do I want a woman I can learn to love (again), to hold and cherish, not with marriage or children, but with just her and I thus, an experience where each are able to grow and learn from each other and grow together in love, peace and live our life in that, we are not depended on each other, that we depend on our self, but that our relationship, friendship, bond, of any kind, is (complementary), not anything else. I love WOMAN. I weep though for humanity in general as well as myself that Father created something beyond our imagination so beautiful, and we as a humanity seemed to, throughout the age's unto each other, have just mucked it all up, so no wonder love among our humanity may be over rated or abused, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. “Where is the loveâ€? - some popular song I've heard on the radio, as well as some other's I like. The sign's are all around us (i.e.: in music lyrics, film, life), who's to say that we as humanity are so clueless that we have no idea how much Father may be using for the better of us those thing's that are so much around us, that we use to entertain us, communicate, etc. (i.e.: music, film, etc.) to open our eyes to not only each other, but as well as Him, and He who designed all life for us to enjoy, but we just go on (i.e.: next party, next drink, next sex mate, next (?) I'm not gonna judge other's but I can speak for myself, that, sure, maybe I have played it safe for year's by staying alone, regardless of how many extremely gorgeous women there are in Los Angeles alone, I can't bring myself to exhibiting like some of those of my gender that hurt and destroy so much of what Father utterly wanted us to enjoy and appreciate, but in essence, honor Him, by treating those thing's we all take for granted, with the due respect, etc., regardless of what or how some other person may treat us. Call me 'old school', call me a fool, call me what ya will, but I will continue living, I will continue seeking a female whom I can share my heart with, and I will continue learning and growing to the best of my ability as much as Father allows. Sure, I may not read Father's Word nearly as much as I should, but Father knows my heart, and personally knows I just wanna be close to a woman that I can learn to love, respect, cherish, and support but without a woman taking my 'kindness for weakness', and abusing that which should be appreciated. I mean isn't there enough stupidity, psychoticism, and hating, to say the least among humanity? Geez . . . I am so freaking sure. To have some front it with 'It's like that', is just crap and so “Luciferâ€. Sigh . . . Father wants us all to be happy, but not at the expense of some of humanity hurting, etc. others to attain that happiness, 'kno' what I'm saying'? I mean, on the real. But sure, some of humanity will read all this, and laugh, wanna smoke me, say this and/or that, but ya know what, I really don't freaking care anymore. Father's giving me the gift of music via “iTunes†or elsewhere, and the beautiful sight, of my non - human baby - “Lake Hollywoodâ€, and if I end up remaining alone 'til' the end of my day's, so be it. If love comes forth from a desirable female I, want to be with, then fine, that's cool too. Maybe that why I like, what I call the “Faith (actress Eliza Dushku) Psychological and Personality Profileâ€, or why my upbringing was alittle like that of the movie, “The Outsidersâ€, or even why I still today like the movie, “Young Guns†- the first film. Maybe I feel my search to inner happiness is in Cunnilingus (more about her than I), maybe it's in my music, maybe it's in the beauty of a woman's smile, eyes, laugh, I don't know; I'm down here just like everyone else, trying to live in peace and happiness. Well, guess I've bored humanity enough with my (?), wish everyone much love and happiness in your life. Ya know what I think I adore the most, it that love, hug, care, support, misc women share with each other; loving Angel's. Take care.

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Slick...I thought you got fired from the official welcoming comittee buddy! :finger:

Jeffrey...if you were like me then happiness is definitely in cunnilingus. i.e. if she's hot. :)

You are correct sir. I was fired for long-winded, overly wordy intros. But I called my union leader and he got me my job back. :finger:

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