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Lee Burridge:

It’s 1985 in the idyllic backwaters of rural England and a young Lee Burridge has just embarked on what will become a very colourful DJ career. Currently, though, he’s playing appalling music at birthdays, weddings, and the odd funeral.

Sadly for the deceased, but luckily for us, with aspirations of playing the kind of music he’s been hearing at acid house parties, Lee takes a quick look at his life and decides a change is needed. So he moves from Dorset… to Hong Kong. As you do.

The calibre of Lee's early parties ensured that scores of world-class DJs played, and these sometimes chaotic, often unforgettable nights helped lay the foundation for Hong Kong’s now thriving underground house scene.

It wasn’t all fun though. During his 6 years at the forefront off Asia’s dance music scene, Lee and his cohorts also endured gruelling periods hanging about on the beaches of Thailand, as they brought dance music to the legendary full moon parties for the first time.

2 DJs who passed through Hong Kong were Sasha and Craig Richards, and these guys later fashioned together a partnership called Tyrant. In 1998, they lured Lee back to the UK, using carrots, to become part of the Tyrant Soundsystem.

As Tyrant, Lee and Craig have now released 2 compilations and, luckily for them, each has been respected and loved by DJs and clubbers alike. Listening carefully, you’ll hear tracks with a progressive edge, techy grooves, deep house and some breaks thrown in for good measure. The colossal Pete Tong named the first release his ‘album of the year’. Urban legend has it that, on hearing the news, Lee got drunk on shandy to celebrate.

Like the albums, Lee's sound is versatile and unique. He’s comfortable playing warm-up and peaktime slots, or both if the vibe’s right. Not satisfied with holding down residencies at Fabric in London and The Bomb in Nottingham, his travels take him across the globe from Romania to Argentina, Asia to America.

In 2002, Lee Burridge was voted No.10 in the DJ Magazine Top 100 poll… although Lee’s still struggling to think of 9 DJs who are actually better than him.

So there you have it… a summary of 18 years worth of music and DJing. But just forget everything else and remember this: Lee Burridge likes to party with the best of us, reads a crowd like no other, and plays some of the most mind-boggling, genre bending and jaw-dropping records you’re ever likely to hear. Period.

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