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Bottle/Table service - prices?

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I'm looking for a bar/club/lounge that has table service...not necessarily bottle service (my friends and I don't have the same taste in liquors), but I'm wondering if there are any places that I can reserve a table and just order drinks, and if so, what the minimum charge per table would be?

I'm not looking to spend over $500 or so, cause I'm not interested in the super "trendy" places where celebs hang, I don't have the patience to f*cking waiting online for 3 hours. But I do want somewhere upscale without the B&T crowd. Does a place like that even exist?

Maybe a hotel bar or something?

Out of curiosity, whats the average price for bottle service these days?

Say I wanted to go to somewhere kinda trendy like B.E.D. or Church Lounge and get a table, what's the minimum?

Any info would be appreciated.

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maybe someplace like TAO

you need more of a restaurant that doubles as a lounge, or something of that sort,

maybe the W hotel, theone on 37th (i think) has a palce called cherry something If I recal correctly

smaller places like that will be most likely to have a waitress that will cater to just drinks

the bigger places, marquee, cain, bed don't really work that way for this type of service,

if you looking for a good place for tonight

HK's on 39th and 9th, great food, and good halloween party they throw every year, right in the heart of Hell Kitchen

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