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Burger King served pot burgers to cops


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ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (AP) -- Two police officers sued Burger King Corp., claiming they were served hamburgers that had been sprinkled with marijuana.

The lawsuit says Mark Landavazo and Henry Gabaldon, officers for the Isleta Pueblo tribal police, were in uniform and riding in a marked patrol car when they bought meals at the drive-through lane October 8 of a Burger King restaurant in Los Lunas, New Mexico.

The officers ate about half of their burgers before discovering marijuana on the meat, the lawsuit said. They used a field test kit to confirm the substance was pot, then went to a hospital for medical evaluations.

"It gives a whole new meaning to the word 'Whopper,"' the officers' attorney, Sam Bregman, said Monday.

"The idea that these hoodlums would put marijuana into a hamburger and therefore attempt to impair law enforcement officers trying to do their jobs is outrageous."

Three Burger King employees were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and aggravated battery on an officer, a felony. They later were indicted.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in Bernalillo County, alleges personal injury, negligence, battery and violation of fair practices. It seeks unspecified damages along with legal costs.

Officials at Miami-based Burger King declined to comment, citing a company policy against discussing pending litigation.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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dude, man, like we were totally ripped at work one day, like a few months ago, me and H-dawg were makin burgers, and some cops came through the drive through, we totally put some of our prriiiimo shit chronic on these cops burgers, like all sprinkled and on them, like sooo far out. so these total buzzkill cops like taste it and go to the hospital, cuz they're like total duds, and totally like think they were like flipplin out, cuz they never smoke shit this good, right. so then the pigs all rat us out and shit, like whoaaa, sorryyy captain comedown! so, we lost our jobs makin ganga burgers for total douchebags. oh well, we are gonna both apply at the mcdonalds in east albuquerue. its gonna TOTALLY rule when we put liquid acid on those same stupid pig cops burgers. yaa

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