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Immigrants Rejoice


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I was suprised at Question 1, I really thought that was gonna pass.

All the fucking soccer moms were afraid that teenagers would be able to buy wine now. Teenagers don't drink wine and it's no easier to get it from a grocery store than a liquor store. FUCK YOU SOCCER MOMS, FUCK YOU!!! I'm really bitter about that still.

Big win for the democrats though. I bet the VA recount gets realllly ugly. If the dems take over the house and senate this could get interesting...

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Things you will not be able to do in Mass next year...

Take home more than 35% of your paycheck

Buy wine at the supermarket

Own a gun

Speak english

In fact the only people who are going to come away from this election with anything usefull are illegal immigrants, and they couldn't even vote.:what:

You'll also be able to marry another dude. Take that you RI communist!!!!

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