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I am writing an essay on universal health care for the USA. I have some facts on pros and cons of current proposals. But I know that many European countries have state provided health care. I'd like to add info on their systems to the mix. How good is the service provided, fairly easy to get an appointment or unbelivably long waits? Anyone who has firsthand knowledge of this, your input would be greatly appreciated!!

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Normally i would flame the shit out of you for posting something like this just cause that's my nature.


luckily you caught quoth in a good mood since i am leaving work in a little bit to see Dave Gahan perform at the Apple store in SoHo.

To answer your question, i was staying in Canada back in 2004 for 2 or 3 months...so i got ill really bad one night from eating something and went to the hospital there and the wait was just as long if not longer than it is when you walk into an emergency room in the u.s. here. Furthermore, because i was not a citizen of canada, my healthcare company at the time, Aetna, said that they would take care of whatever charges since i was not a citizen.

I did not stay overnight, was given antibiotics and never received a bill from them or from Aetna.

If you ask me, universal health care is only good cause you know you're covered regardless..but bad because the demand for health care far excedes the amount of doctors on call in an E.R. or a clinic.

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The problem with universal healthcare has always been beaurocratic.... in that in general when its been enacted the service as far as waiting...is always a problem.

I will give you an example you might be able to research here NYC. 14 street and union square is the home to the Beth Israel Obgyn. Its got a great reputation for being one of the best and one of the cheapest. Basically I believe they have newbie doctors, but a lot of the doctors that oversee everything are top notch and elite.

There are ways to sneakily cheat the system.. but other than that you're looking at a wait of at least 3 months... and heaven help the poor fool who reschedules.

Its neigh impossible to reach "your doctor" as well. You'll reach him or her when you see him or her in person--- if its really an emergency..like pregnancy issues or sometimes they let you get away with a UTI, depending on the doctor.... you might get to speak to the doctor on call.

Its very efficient and very helpful and very cheap and high quality.

But supply and demand... basic business... also if something were FREE... people will always be going to the doctor for all kinds of little crap... cough--cough... better go see the doctor.

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