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11/21 Thanksgiving Eve: Oakenfold/Sandra Collins/Analyze vs. Ewun/Cam-1/DI at Ibiza!!


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Come party with District Ignition as we burn the house down on Thanksgiving Eve

(in a non turkey deep fryer related incident) at a GLOW SPECIAL EVENT @ Ibiza Nightclub!


Annalyze vs Ewun

Exclusive Party Rock / Electro / Throwback Set

[ femaleswitfunk.com | New York ] + [ Lifted Music | Evol Intent Recordings ]


At 25, Annalyze has established herself as one of the leading ladies of Breakbeats and turntablism. She has played all over the US and Canada, alongside DJ’s such as Qbert, Baby Anne, the X-ecutioners, Dopey and DJ Rap, to name a few. Annalyze has also toured with DJ’s such as Breakbeat Science’s own Reid speed & Playboys 50th anniversary DJ Shortee. Her stellar turntablism and mixing style have earned her national sponsorships. And to top it off, in June 2004 she taught scratch lessons at the West Coast DJ Academy in San Diego.

Regularly rocking the club and party scene, crowds are not only mesmerized by Annalyze’s DMC scratching and turntable trickery, but by her energetic stage presence which creates a vibe that keeps the dancefloor moving all night long. The crowd-pleaser that she is, Annalyze can often be found stepping away from the turntables and joining the crowd in a dance! But in order to truly understand Annalyze, let’s take it back to the beginning, to her first residency in Rochester, New York at the legendary club Vibes. At Vibes, where she played mostly Breakbeats and House, her passion of music fueled her to explore different possibilities and to take DJing to the next level. And coincidentally in the fall of 2001, she became inspired by local scratch/turntablist DJ’s and realized that scratching was what she really wanted to learn. Two years later at the winter NAMM show 2003 she was able to showcase her skills.. Returning at winter NAMM 2004 & 2006 show, Annalyze played alongside fellow scratch mistress DJ Shortee (one half of the Atlanta-based duo Faust & Shortee).


Straight out of Rochester, New York, Ewun (Jake Stanczak) has exploded into the international Drum & Bass scene with an impressive list of releases on some of the industry’s most prestigious labels, including Barcode, Lifted Music, Human Resource & Evol Intent Recordings. Since his first world-wide record release, his tunes have been destroying dance floors all over the planet with an all-star lineup of DJ support from the biggest and most influential DJ's such as Hive, Pendulum, Chris Renegade, Tech Itch, Noisia and Gridlok and Aphex Twin.

His reputation has grown from of his trademark blend of hip-hop, glitched breakbeats, twisted distortion and a never ending supply of sheer attitude. Attention to detail, dynamics, engineering, and dancefloor sensibilities have made his productions stand out from the masses and have gained him the respect of the global Drum & Bass community and beyond.

with special guests...


[ Mantis Sound System | HeadHunterz INC | Verizum Records ]


DJ Sound

[ N.A.C ]

What You Need To Do (the short version):

1. To sign up for the guest list, email glowlist@districtignition.com with your name and the names of any of your friends that you would like to hook up with reduced entry NO LATER THAN 8PM ON SATURDAY. FIRST AND LAST NAMES PLEASE! We will accept "plusses" but bear in mind that all of these folks must show up with you at the door, otherwise, they'll have to stand in the long line, and they'll have to pay full price.

2. Do not wear shorts, flip flops, sports jerseys, hats, timberlands, white sneakers, overly baggy gear, etc. If you aren't in compliance with the dress code outlined below, odds are, you won't get in, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to help you.

What You Need to Do (the longish version):

When you arrive at the club, talk to the clipboard girl (or guy) and tell them that you're on the District Ignition List. The guest list line is on the SOUTH side of the building, so if you're facing the club, head to the LEFT side of the building and get into the line that runs parallel to Patterson. You'll get in for $20 ALL NIGHT LONG. Don't wanna wait in the line? Don't! The DI Guest List means you'll be able to skip straight to the "cuts" line that is always much, much shorter than the general admission line.

For now, this list is separate and distinct from our normal DI list that you may have signed up for to go to SNATCH or FUSION, so the way to to get access is to email


You should receive a confirmation email back within a few hours of your submission to the list. If you don't, please hit Jason (ramz) up via AIM (ramseyja13) or get him a message somehow (PM, etc)... We have had a few instances with some email providers (AOL in particular) marking districtignition.com email as spam, so you might have gotten the confirmation back sitting in your junk box... Check there and ensure that we are on your safe recipients list to avoid this issue in the future...

As ever, DI appreciates your support and patronage.



1222 First Street NE

Washington, DC 20002

18+ // Casual Dress Code

(no timberlands, no gangsta wear, no hats, no shorts, no flip flops, no white sneakers but jeans and tee-shirts are OKAY)

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