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Bang 4

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DJ Funk, Mike Dearborn, Jerry Bonham, X-Dream, Bam Bam, Venom, Robbie Tronco, Pat Egan, Pleasure Head, DJ Icey, Mistress Barbara, Scott Henry, Anabolic Frolic, Nigel Richards, Punisher, Michael Myers, Jamie Morris, AK1200, Lord Vishnu, High & Mighty & Cage, Kazpa, Kech, Andy Shine, Jungle Rollaz, Mister Mason, Delta 9, Entropy, Circuit Breaker, Mumblez, Eric Davenport, Carl Michaels, Mark Bee, Glenn Garcia, Jason Leroy, Dose the Alien, Product 19, Sean Michaels, DJ Elevation, Supa DJ Mouse, DJ Dana Dane, DJ Ali Traxx & Money Gram, Chris Kausch, Renaldo

There's the lineup. It sounds good, just not great. But then again, I've never been to a local 13 party that wasn't incredible. I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T KNOW!!!


Keep it movin'!


[email protected]

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