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clubs in Europe

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Where do you go to school? In and around London the best clubs in the world exist! There's a new one called HOME in london. It's supposed to be AMAZING!!!!! Outside of town is GATECRASHER(www.gatecrasher.co.uk), which is also more than anyone from the US can handle. I would shit my pants if I could go there. Maybe soon. In Italy, I don't think there are good clubs(I've heard). As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of bringing some vinyl with me to Rome when I go next month to drop it on those BAMBINOS!

-RangerRick - www.dodots.com music afficionado.


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Here's the breakdown on the London club scene. There are several main clubs within the city limits that are a must:

1. Home - Fridays

2. The Fridge - Escape from Samsara on Thursdays

3. Fabric - Saturday

4. Ministry of Sound - a little commercial, but you can't go to london and not go

5. Heaven - Wednesdays, a little gay, but nobody really bothers you

Outside city limits:

1. Cream - Gatecrasher's club in Liverpool

If you are more into raves, check out www.nomo.co.uk; this url might be wrong, so just go to a search engine and look up Nomo's Raves. The production company compiles a list of raves that month, and highlights what the expect to be the best. There are a lot of cool little bars at Leister Square (spelling), and be prepared to spend the equivilent of $50-70 every time you go out.

Have fun, it was one of the best times of my life.


Keep it movin'!


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A few more to add.

Gallery @ the Cross - London (Friday Saturday)

Trade - London (Saturday thru Sunday)

Cafe De Paris - London

Q Club - Birmingham ( Saturday)

Miss Moneypennies - Birmingham (Saturday)

SundaySensial (A Sunday Day club)- Birminham / Leeds

Back 2 Basics - Leeds (Saturday)

Have fun.


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Newcastle lots of good places like Tuxedo Junction etc!!!

Nah dont listen everybody knows Leeds is the club capitol of the north. icon12.gif


I want to go out blazing not fade away.

It's not just about the notes played, it's about the spaces in-between.


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