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A great family

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When I go to raves it reminds me of a family reunion. All of your relatives that you have not seen in awhile or, have not seen at all come from all over to get to know each other and have merriment.You have the candykids(CHILDERN) out playing games, the old schoolers(elders) talking about the good old days with glowstiks where 6 for a dollar and when X was pure. You have the trendies (like rich family) Sporting the lastest in ravewear. Then you have the Jungle crowd (project bunnies) With there dreads and baggie pants, looking to tag something. Then there is the clubkids(out members are artist family members) Talking about how glamourous their life was. When you walk around It's like your seeing strangers but in away your related to all of them. You take an interest because your connection to them goes beyond who they are or what they do. You care about them because you share the same love of the music as they do,and want to be together to understand and know them. This is how a rave is to me.

Follow your spirit always,




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