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Pot Question.......Please help!!!!!!

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Please help......

Every time I puff pot I get really-really quite, while all my friends talk and seem to have fun. I go into this deffensive mood, where I feel everyone is talking about me and I get so messed up that I can't defend myself. Is this normal? What could be the reason? Has this ever happned to you? and what can I do to make this better?

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1) Find better quality weed to smoke.

2) Don't be paranoid when you smoke; and try to do it when you're mentally "stable".

3) Keep in mind that everyone's different as far as how they're affected by mind-altering substances; so don't fret.

...hope this helps. cwm16.gif


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Gotta agree w/ arrakis here.

When you start out you really need to be around people that you trust, that helps the paranoia. Setting is also important - being stoned in a public place used to give me the jitters.

Also - try to take only a little and gradually increase the amount you smoke over a period of days / weeks / months as you feel you can handle it better. You don't have to get completely f**ked up every time you smoke.

Or maybe next time let everyone else smoke first and watch them sober for (say) an hour. You'll get a nice perspective on the atmosphere, and then join in.

peace and hope it works out for you - the herb of Jah is indeed meant to be a blessing for all



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