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Darren Emmerson at TURBO Nov. 24

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i just "moved" to toronto.

ummm... i live(d)in new york city. it's where my home, all my friends and my bf are. came to toronto to renew my visa but US immigrations refuse to let me back into the states though. long sob story.

anyways, wanted to ask you where you go to find all the info on who is playing what at what clubs? i looked into "eye" and it really has a shoddy club review section. looked at toronto.com and torontolife.com and nothing. is the only way through flyers in shops on queen street?

i would be really happy if someone could give me some pointers about toronto. frown.gif

good parties, good skiing (is there such a thing in ontario?), interesting shows, art galleries???

stranded and lost,


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