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Clubs in Austin,Texas

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I would be interested to hear from those who know, how the clubs in Austin compare to the big city clubs. My experience has been limited to raves at the Music Hall, and Paradox, but I don't think we would compare favorably with LA or New York? Or even London... cwm7.gif

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Hey there....

Well, I went to UT and I can tell you that the scene in Austin is way different than the big cities ~ but that it has it's own style:

It's much more about the live music and the chill out scene than it is about the raving ~ for example, getting high out on Lake Travis, or throwing some kick ass house parties (that's where you can let loose and do *whatever* you want without uptight bouncers all over you....).

I still have college buddies who stayed in Austin, one of whom runs a bar/club on Sixth Street. It might be worth it to him to know that there is a pretty high demand for a top notch club in Austin, as he is in the position to possibly give y'all what you need.

Let me know how many of your friends are interested and I'll ask my friend what it would take to put together the kind of DJ lineup that is required to compete with the big city clubs ...



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I've been to clubs in Miami (Shadowlounge..) and NYC (Twilo, Exit) and tried finding similar venues in Austin...as you point out the pickings are slim. Element is by far the largest of the new offerings, trying to emulate a 'big-city' club feel, but it comes off as some corporate franchise trying to exploit a 'formula'. The music from 10pm-2am is your standard 'club greatest hits', then it shifts to either hard house or trance depending on the DJ until 4am. The crowd can be sketchy at times (haven't been there without some fight or scuffle breaking out) and there seems to be a fair amount of guys trying to hook up with any e-crazed chick they can find. But, if you want Austin's approximation of a big club feel, or introduce some friends to electronic music, this may be the place for you.

Caucus Club is much more laid back, with places to chill outside and upstairs, which I enjoy very much. I've been told that a younger raver (read pacifier, glo-stick) crowd sometimes hangs out there, but I haven't seen it..maybe they show up on a different night. The music here is much better (Thievery Corp. to chill on the outside patio fer instance) but I haven't been there enough to sample the entire DJ offering.

Finally, a new club opened up between 5th and 6th on Neches called Texture and this is the only club in Austin that I know is open until 7am. Been there once, seemed like a great setup but it was pratically empty! Not ready for prime time, although the DJ playing the night I went (Chris Specht) played a great set.

Oh, a new place that also opened up, but is more of a bar than a dance club (although they have a dance floor) is Shadow Bar, on 5th and Congress. It is a NYC type of bar, where they dont let you in if you're wearing jeans (gasp!) and drinks are a bit more expensive than your typical austin prices, but its flooded with the 'beautiful people'. If you can stand the attitude, its a good place to party before hitting one of the other clubs. Speaking of pre-parties, I'v started hanging out at the Red Fez (right next to Lucky Lounge)...cool chill out type of bar, sometimes there is a DJ spinning some laid back drum-n-bass tunes.. also not innundated with the cheezy college crowd.

'Nuff said. Peace out.

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