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Meeting Philly Clubbers

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After several years away, I've just moved back to my native city of brotherly love. I'm a big tech-house clubber, but I basically know no one in Philly except relatives and some very old friends who are not "clubbing types." Where would you suggest I go to meet other clubbers? Of course, the best place would be clubs, but I doubt that I can get into Philly clubs as a single, unless their door policies are different than what I'm accustomed to. I'd appreciate any suggestions, as I've been away from clubs for about five months now and am really missing it.

Are there any clubs in Philly that play old-school techno (not trance, house)? I like trance and house, but nothing does it for me like classic tech. What are the best clubs for innovative/experimental house?



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I would say that Fluid is your best bet. Josh Wink is there every Wed. (I think he still has that party) Check their schedule because things are always changing.

Also I know that Silk City was doing some kind of straight up Techno night once a month. Not sure if they are still doing it.

Best bet is to pick up the City Paper (not Phila Weekly) and look under DJ nights. That should solve all your problems.

But if you do decide to make your way toward a club like Evolution (is now under new ownership by Local 13 {The Whistle people}) then get in touch with me and I can hook you up with all info that is needed.

[email protected]




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I heard the warehouse on Deleware ave, has a cool night for that kind of music, it might be Sunday nights... I think their website is warehouseandthecave.com... something to check out maybe. I'll keep my ears open. I mostly go to the big clubs they play mostly house/trance. Shampoo, Evolution etc.

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