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NY radio shows for trade

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I have a whole lot of NY airchecks if anyone is interested. Here is my list.

1)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 1983

2)Tony Humphries Shep Pettibone Kiss Mastermix 1980s

3)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 1992

4)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 1993

5)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 4/30/1994

6)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party Fall 1994

7)Tony Humphries Hot 97 All Night House Party 8/17/1997

8)Nick Jones Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 1993

9)Timmy Regisford Merlin Bob Wbls Saturday Night Dance

Christmas 1985

10)Red Alert Kiss FM Oldschool Request Night 12/24/1993

11)Latin Rascals Kiss FM 1985

12)Frankie Knuckles Hot 97 All Night House Party 4/23/1993

13)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 8/26/88

14)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 1987

15)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party Aug 1992

16)Junior Vasques The Sound Factory 1992

17)Timmy Regisford Merlin Bob WBLS Christmas 1985

18)Charlie "Baby" Rosario WBLS Saturday Night Jam 84

19)DJ Red Alert Saturday Night, 98.7FM Kiss NY 8/12/89

20)Frankie Crocker Bobby Konders WBLS Traffic Jam 90

21)Junior Vasquez Summer 1983 98.7 Kiss FM Mastermix

22)Bob Slade's "Soul Beginnings" celebrating 20 years of Kiss FM 1981-2001

23)Hot 97 Superhead Interview

24)Lisa Evers "Street Soldiers" Hot 97 2001

25)Lisa Evers "Street Soldiers" Aaliyah tribute 2001

26)Kiss Club Classics Timmy Regisford 2/2001

27)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party 10/21/1989

28)House mixes by Jaimee Delgado 1998-1999

29)Tony Humphries Kiss Mastermix Dance Party October 1989

30)DJ Red Alert Chuck Chillout Kiss Mastermix (hip hop) 1988

31)Mr. Magic's Rap Attack Christmas WBLS 1988

32)Tony Humphries Saturday Night Dance Party Kiss FM 1987

33)Hot 97 Evil D Late 90s mix

34)Chuck Chillout Kiss FM 04-27-87

35)Chuck Chillout Kiss FM 1988

36)Red Alert Kiss FM June 11 1988

37)Red Alert Kiss FM December 17 1988

38)Darryl James Ride @ Five mixshow Kiss FM 2002

39)Merlin Bob Saturday Night Dance Party WBLS 1987

40)Merlin Bob Saturday Night Dance Party WBLS 1985

41)Timmy Regisford Studio 54 Dance Party 1985

42)Bobby Konders WBLS 02/88

43)Bobby Konders WBLS 12/89

44)Bobby Konders WBLS 7-22-89

45)Bobby Konders WBLS 11-25-89

46)Kiss FM 70s Weekend 04-26-2003- 04-27-2003

47)Kiss FM 80s Weekend 09-06-2003- 09-07-2003

48)Latin Rascals WKTU 1985

49)Frankie Knuckles All Night House Party 1995

50)Latin Rascals-Kiss Mastermix Summer 1985

51)Chuck Chillout Kiss Mastermix 12-01-1984

52)Red Alert Kiss FM 02-09-1985

53)Red Alert Kiss FM 11-30-1985

54)Tony Humphries Kiss FM 06-10-1985

55)Chuck Chillout Kiss FM July 1985

56)WRKS-Tony Humphries and Jay Mixin Dixon 03-23-1991

57)WRKS-Tony Humphries 06-24-1994

58)WBLS-Bobby Konders 03-29-1991

59)Timmy Regisford WBLS 07-04-1985

60)Junior Vasques Sound Factory 1993

61)Sammy B Kiss FM April 1990 (fill in for Red Alert)

62)Pete Rock & Marley Marl WBLS 08-12-1989

63)Marley Marl WBLS 05-29-1985

64)Marley Marl WBLS 11-29-1985

65)Marley Marl WBLS 05-31-1986

66)Marley Marl WBLS 02-02-1987

67)Marley Marl WBLS Feb. 1987

68)Red Alert Kiss FM Feb. 1987

69)Latin Rascals Kiss FM 1984

70)Latin Rascals Kiss FM Summer 1984

71)Grandmaster Flash WBLS 1994

72)Chuck Chillout Kiss FM 01-12-1985

73)Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 1994

74)90's Hip Hop & R&B Jams Hot 97 1997

75)Hot 97 Superhead Interview

76)Frankie Knuckles WKTU 2000

77)DJ Premiere WBLS 11-11-1994

78)Angie Martinez Show Hot 97 2005 (a lot of tapes)

79)Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 2005 (a lot of tapes)

80)Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Hot 97 1997

81)Ruben Toro Kiss Club Classics 01-09-05

82)Ruben Toro Kiss Club Classics Febraruy-June 2005

83)Kool DJ Red Alert Power 105.1 FM Spring 2005

84)Kool DJ Red Alert Power 105.1 FM Summer 2005

85)Kool DJ Red Alert Power 105.1 FM Fall 2004

86)Kool DJ Red Alert Power 105.1 FM Classic House 2003

87)Marley Marl Pete Rock Future Flavas Hot 97

88)Kim Lightfoot Mixes

89)Ruben Toro Kiss Club Classics 06-13-04

90)Ruben Toro Kiss Club Classics 12-12-04

91)Ruben Toro Kiss Club Classics 12-26-04

92)Bobby Konders Hot 97 FM

93)Tony Humphries Live @ Zanzibar 08-14-1998

94)Shep Pettibone KISS Mastermix 1983

95)Red Alert KISS Mastermix 1985

96)Kenny Carpenter WBLS 1992

97)David Morales KTU 2005

98)Frankie Knuckles KTU 2005

99)Roman Ricardo Hot 97 Live @ The Tunnel 1989

100)Hot 97 Labor Day Mix 1991

101)Red Alert KISS FM 1991 (hip hop)

102)Red Alert KISS FM 1992

103)Funkmaster Flex fill in for Chuck Chillout March 1989

104)Tony Humphries Live @ Zanzibar 1992

105)Kevin Oliphant KISS FM Live New Years Eve 1992/1993

106)Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 Friday Night Street Jams 04/16/1993

107)Funkmaster Flex Live @ Planet Rock 1994

108)Funkmaster Flex Birthday Party 1994

109)DJ Premier Hot 97 1997

110)Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito feat. DJ Premiere Hot 97 (1997)

111)Michael Baisden Love, Lust & Lies (2005)

112)Timmy Regisford WBLS 09/26/1987

113)Timmy Regisford WBLS 09/17/1988

114)Tony Humphries Live @ Club Zanzibar 1988

115)Timmy Regisford WBLS Saturday Night Dance Party 07/17/1983

116)Frankie Knuckles WKTU 2000

117)Red Alert Hot 97 03/10/1995

118)Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 04/22/1995

119)WTJM 105.1 FM Famous Amos04/24/1999

120)WTJM 105.1 FM 04/25/1999

121)WQHT Hot 97 01/20/1987

122)WRKS FM NY Shaila 3/18/99 (45 min.)

123)WQHT FM NY "Oldschool Fever" with DJ Red Alert 3/18/99 (45 min.)

124)WRKS FM NY Mastermix 9/1/2007

125)WRKS FM NY DJ Chuck Chillout 9/8/2007

126)WRKS FM NY 7/3/2006

127)WWPR FM NY 7/3/2006

128)WQHT FM NY 7/3/2006 and 7/4/2006

129)WQHT FM NY Funkmaster Flex 7/31/2006

130)WRKS FM NY Memorial Day 5/26/2008 (4hrs.)

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Hi brotha;

I'm from Brazil and I have interest in receive many airchecks from Hot97 80's and Kiss 98.7 archives. If you have archives with Chuck Riley's voice and Glenn Friscia mixes, I want it. Please tell me how. Thx.

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