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Tolgar - Transistor Radial w/ Dub Mechanics & Nico Heins Remixes Out Now

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Tolgar - Transistor Radial

01. Original Mix

02. Dub Mechanics Remix

03. Nico Heins Remix

Catalog #: AL021

Release Date: February 17th 2009

Click Here To Purchase

Chicago & Istanbul native Tolgar, debuts with his first original on Audio Logic Recordings titled Transistor Radial. The tune is an electro-house banger that gets down to business straight away instead of building up with each element. Tolgar produces serious effects on the bass channel, which make each sound-effect like it's own element within the track! Crazy arpeggios give the tune it's groove and pitch shifts are created from varying the octaves. Tolgar bit crushes many elements to give it a grainy feel and makes Transistor Radial a perfect tune for the electro heads.

Dub Mechanics from Los Angeles, provide a stripped back and groovy alternative to Tolgar's raw arrangement. They lead into the wicked bass that makes the original unique and add a sub-bass that after hearing makes it hard to stand still. Punchy percussion drives the track and as the arrangement breaks down, tension builds to a sudden drop and hits hard on the floor.

Newcomer on Audio Logic, Nico Heins, offers a fresh interpretation of Transistor Radial. Nico's approach is deeper and he picks up on the progressive sound you are familiar with on Audio Logic. Lush pads and eerie leads add space throughout the mix and the wicked bass from the original is placed well with excellent effects. Nico Hein's ethereal sound and infectious groove rounds out the package.

DJ Reactions:

Behrouz - I like the Nico Heins remix and will play it. Thank you. 7/10

Blende - Definitely the Original Mix for me.

Blue Room Project - Nico Heins version is a bit haunting but works well for me.


Chad North - I like all the mixes! Dub Mechanics has this dark, groovy shit going

on and I can definitely hearing this going off at an underground club. It's the late-night one of the bunch. The Nico Heins remix is pure class. From the build-up to when it opens up… the pad and added bass takes the track to an entirely different place. The Original mix just gets stupid! Not simply a head-nodder... it commands your attention and drops like a fucking hammer. This is a party track - straight up. Nice one... full support 8/10

David Call - This package epitomizes what I've come to expect from a new Audio Logic release. Understated elements that provide a unique groove unlike the kind of music I'm usually into. Definitely the Nico Heins remix for me as it provides the catchy hook I'm always drawn to. 9/10

Dylan Rhymes - I prefer the original mix to all the others. Original is much chunkier and ballsy! Well done!

Flash Brothers - Cool Stuff! We like the Nico Heins remix. 7/10

James Zabiela - The Nico Heins Remix is cool, thanks. 7/10

Johan Soh aka Jariten - With squelchy basslines and that bleepy edge that I love, this Tolgar release presses all the right buttons!

Kares - Tolgar's mix is definitely my favorite! Bass heavy and like an

Invitation to the pants party! It kind of reminds me of Mario eating the mushrooms and growing bigger.

Mashtronic - The Nico Heins remix is my pick here… Nice release. 7/10

Mike Hiraztka - Cool grooves and effected bits, nice production all around. 7/10

Nosmo - Slamming release for Audio Logic. These will definitely be peak time mixes. The bass guitar and intricate environments of the Nico Heins mix make that the one for me. Go Tolgar! 7/10

Pablo Decoder - Fat bass and wicked noises! I like the original mix a lot.

Seneca - Love the Dub Mechanics punch and Nico Hein's remix is extraordinary! 8/10

Solarstone - Audio Logic is one of very few labels that get me excited when I go through the glut of promos each week. As hot chocolate so deftly put it; "every one is a winner!" 10/10

Stephan (Progressive-World.at) - Pretty chunky original mix! I didn't see that coming on Audio Logic. Dub Mechanics Mix is a bit better than the original in my opinion. The Nico Heins remix on the other hand is a really nice piece of music! It gets my support for sure!

Thomas Sagstad - Nico Heins remix is growing on me.

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