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Event: Josh Gabriel at Ruby Skye, Sat, Feb 28 9:00p

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Josh Gabriel has a way of reaching inside you and pulling something magical out. .His production, music, and lyrics have sent thousands into dance floor frenzies. He's a bit shy though - and he's the last person in a room to talk about himself. .So here's what you need to know. . Gabriel started off as an inquisitive kid, love-struck by music. As a teen, he was doing odd jobs to buy his first synthesizer. Within weeks of that purchase, he wanted to understand the inner workings of sound itself. Examining music and technology together made Gabriel want to deconstruct it. Figure it out from a deeper perspective. .From there, he sought to build his own music around the limitless possibilities that technology offered. . This experimentation led Gabriel into a myriad of music-infused roles. Gabriel began his professional career in music behind the scenes, as an audio engineer installing Sonic Solutions into major LA based music studios, which led to receiving a platinum record for his mastering of Disney's Aladdin Soundtrack. From there, he dove even deeper into technology, inventing patented algorithms for interactive music. By the early 90s, he applied his genius to founding Mixman Technologies, the first company to bring digital audio remixing to the masses. . After Mixman, Josh rose to international fame as part of the duo Gabriel & Dresden, winning seven industry awards for producing, songwriting and DJing - and achieving seventeen number #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits. . But even these accomplishments pale in comparison to his new solo effort "Eight." Inspired by his life and the city of Amsterdam, Josh approached his latest collection of tracks from the perspective of a dance floor purist, while at the same time imprinting enough soul to reach anyone, thanks to his brand of musical techno and groundbreaking production. As a nod to its title, "Eight" will be released in October 2008. . This fall, Gabriel also announced the launch of Different Pieces, an independent record label and management group that integrates all aspects of an artist's career. Gabriel founded the company with long-time business manager Guy Ornadel and his wife, Kristy Gabriel. .Together, they deliver a unique depth of experience by combining their individual strengths in music, artist marketing, and the related business aspects that drive and build artist's career. . No one-page bio could possibly cover all of Gabriel's many roles in the music community. So, check the timeline and delve deeper into Josh's numerous accomplishments. Then ask him what you want. You will definitely be surprised.

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