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Event: Killswitch happy hour with Dave Siska, James Bass & Kadence Bauxeiter at Under

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Founded in February 2008, Killswitch is a weekly happy hour dedicated to featuring the Bay Area's finest underground techno and house talent. Consisting of Stap[e DJ Javaight and Black Market Techno DJ dCOY, Killswitch has featured DJs from [KONTROL], Auralism, Dirtybird, Platform, Mothership, Nightlight, Stompy, Magnificent 7, Fiction, Black Market Techno, Filter, Bassaholics Anonymous, DEF SF, and Racecar. Quickly establishing itself as an end of the week hangout for heads, techno lovers and party people alike, Killswitch is the spot for underground beats to kick off your weekend. This week @ killswitch: dave siska(sonic sunset), james bass (bassaholics), kadence bauxeiter(nightlight)! About Dave Siska: David Siska has been selecting electronic dance music for Chicago's airwaves, loft parties, and clubs for over a decade. In the past several years he's become known in global circles as co-host of the Chicago-based Sonic Sunset radio program, an acclaimed show dedicated to connecting eras and blurring lines between genres in electronic music. After residencies at some of Chicago's most respected venues, David has moved on to San Francisco, where he's focusing on starting his label - Remnant - to showcase texturally evocative electronic compositions from established and emerging artists. James Bass with Juan Atkins at the Works, Detroit The enigmatic Mr. James Bass is a fixture at most SF techno shindigs and has an encyclopedic knowledge of techno. A champion of Detroit techno, James has supported the SF techno scene by throwing his Bassaholics Anonymous events featuring the likes of DJ Bone and Santiago Salazar of Underground Resistance. Known for a spontaneous style of hard and funky mixing, he has been spotted behind the decks at Black Market Techno, Fukwerk Fridays, Shake that A$$ and Low End Saturdays. About Kadence Bauxeiter: There are very few things I understand in this world. Being on a dance floor, closing my eyes, shutting the world out and letting music take control of me is one of the only feelings I truly comprehend. There are many people like me whose safe place is in sound and it gives me an unsurpassed high to be a catalyst that takes people out of their heads and into their bodies. My mission in music is to take you to that place, where you stop thinking and start feeling. Since 1996 I have taken people on this journey through music from the east to the west coasts of America, across the UK and Europe, into Jamaica, the tropics of the Pacific Islands, and New Zealand. This is my light in the dark. This is my love affair, and I give thanks for letting me share it with you. Music: techno, minimal, house, tech house, acid, electro, disco

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