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[KONTROL] w/ Martin Landsky & Audio Werner (Live) : SF : 3.7

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Saturday, March 7th, 2009

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house

every 1st Saturday at The Endup

featuring from Berlin:


(Poker Flat . Dessous . Intim)

Martin Landsky is without a doubt one of the most revered

and sought-after names in underground dance music today.

In addition to running the Poker Flat Nights with Steve Bug

and producing for several ace labels including his own Intim,

his skills behind the decks (including exalted performances

at last year's WMC and DEMF) have raised his profile to

near legendary proportions. Prepare for a night of sexy and

artful house and techno, paired with the impeccable

programming and flawless mixing Martin has come to be

known for the world over.

and from Cologne:


(Perlon . Hartchef Discos. Hello?Repeat . Ware)

(Circus Company. Trapez . Musique Risquée)

Audio Werner first caught our ears and won our hearts at

2006's DEMF, where his jaw-dropping live PA stole the

show at the Get Perlonized afterparty. His highly creative,

technically masterful, and relentlessly funky productions

have established a benchmark of quality strived for by

musicians around the globe. We've wanted to bring him

over for years, and are truly honored to now present a rare

live performance of brand new material by one of our

favorite artists in his SF debut.

with [KONTROL] residents:



ALLAND BYALLO (Nightlight . Auralism . Leibe*Detail)


SAMMY D (Classic . Dirtybird . Utensil)


NIKOLA BAYTALA (S.W.A.T. . Robsoul . Junior Boys Own)


Set times:

1000-1100 Nikola Baytala

1100-1200 Alland Byallo

1200-0100 Craig Kuna

0100-0230 Audio Werner (live)

0230-0500 Martin Landsky

0500-0600 Sammy D



401 6th St @ Harrison, SF

10pm - 6am / 21+ / $20


FREE before 11pm!


[KONTROL] on MySpace:


Flyer front:


Flyer back:






Unlike any other German protagonist of the electronic dance scene, Martin Landsky withdrew himself from the well known category of electronic dance music. The verbal approach is of course only a portion of the complete and original sound of Landsky‘s music which combines Techno, House, Minimal and Funk. He has been creating waves as a sensational DJ and producer since the mid-90's and Landsky has also been heard and recognized since 2000 as one of the key figures in the circle of producers at Poker Flat Recordings. The label owner Steve Bug is also a long term friend of Landsky.

"As a DJ and as musician I try to balance between both traditional House and Techno music. Despite the fact that I use a lot of reduction for that electronic sound, it is my duty to create deep music which must also always include twisty and funky elements“ says Martin. With confidant mixing from retrostyle roots to up-to-date Club music, this all but consequently represents Landsky like hardly any other musician and DJ of the Poker Flat Style.

The special affinity to the roots of black club music fell in Landsky‘s sight early on in his life. Through his hobby of breakdancing as an eleven year old boy, Martin Landsky aquired an impulsive contact to dance music, from funk to hiphop. Starting initially on a tapedeck and then later on his fathers Bontempi organ, as well as a pitch control record player, it was clear to see from the first single megamixes he produced that he had lost his heart hopelessly to the music.

In the beginning DJing was always the most important thing for Landsky‘s musical identity. He was just fourteen when he first started to perform at school celebrations and private parties. Of course the ultimate moment of his musical carrier came around when he first visited Hamburg‘s Kultclub Front in 1988. The mixture of Funk and the growing trend of House, Acid and Techno electrified Landsky like nothing else before and has affected his musical aesthetics up untill the present day.. In 1994 his hard work and persistance payed off and his dream came true when he was offered a regular residency at his favourite club.

It soon became clear that Landsky would not last the duration as just an exclusive and shining local heroic DJ and so then started to work for the newly established distribution department of Container Records. He then later worked for the distribution company Word and Sound, and it was through both of these jobs that he gained valuable contacts which helped him to travel much further afield as a DJ. At the end of 1999 he made a last and final decision to leave Hamburg and try his luck in Berlin as a full time DJ and Musician. With the help of regular Bookings and his friends Clé and Steve Bug, he helped to arrange a series of "Poker Flat Nights" at famous "Sternradio" and regular headliner bookings in some of the most renowned clubs in Berlin such as E-Werk, the Pfefferbank, Tresor and Casino. He also put together many Mix CD‘s for labels such as Poker Flat, Systematic and the Partysan complilation series which turned Landsky into one of the most important figures in the German Club sound of the year 2000.

Parallel to this and as a result of his music productions, Landsky gained the status as one of the most important protagonists with a slightly different understanding of house music. Two years after Martin Landsky‘s first release in 1995 called "Sampled House Vol. 1" for Container Records, he then announced the release of his first 12" the "Horner Corner EP" in 1997 under the name of Pseudonym 'City Nord' on the London label MC Projects. From this point on Landsky‘s definition of House music became internationally known.

The following year Martin released his 12“ "My Hidden Basement" which was the starting point of his first new label‚ Effortil Records, then came "Love-Fourty" which was the second release to appear in 1999. His label, now under the name of Intim Recordings and of course his first releases for Dessous ("Wild EP") and Poker Flat ("Crude Clay"), made him acquainted for the first time within a big circle of renown DJ‘s and producers. Still, in the year 2000 he began working on his first longplayer for Poker Flat Records, which in the following year brought his status up to an international level.

"In Between" was the title of Landskys debut album which was directly linked to his third Intim-EP "Follow Me" and the Poker Flat Records 12" release "Sweet Sweet Morning". The year 2001 was the most productive and successful year in Landsky‘s career.

In the Summer of 2003 Landsky had reached a new point in his understanding of House music. On "Reject" he worked together intensively with Filip G., an amazing vocalist from Hamburg. Not least because of the catchy vocals, the single became a massive global club hit which lasted for weeks in the German club charts and which also landed Landsky into the playlists of some of the hippest DJs around. There was also Landsky‘s remix of the single "The Difference" by DK7 which was played to extent up and down the clubs worldwide.

Besides the remixes (for D.H.S., Marc Romboy, Booka Shade, Eyerer & Chopstick or Namito) In the past, Landsky recently created some special moments for club nights with the hits "Fools (They Don't Know The Time)" from 2004, "FM Safari" (2005) and last but not least "1000 Miles" (2006), a dusky hypnotic masterpiece which is without a doubt Landsky‘s most successful piece of work. More recently "Let me Dance" was the next track to follow up in the footsteps of "1000 Miles".

*** Resident Advisor on Landsky's return to NYC:

"Does Martin Landsky play the sexiest techno in the business? After blow-up sets in Miami and Detroit last year coupled with a devastating afterhours performance at Rebel for Sunday School for Degenerates New York, Martin returns for a follow-up lesson in house, techno, with hints of acid. The Intim label headmaster puts together a portfolio with everything from flawless mixing to sexy vocals that shows why he is hailed as one of the top DJs in the upper class of the Techno community."

===> LINKS:

Martin Landsky's website:


Martin Landsky's discography:


Martin Landsky on MySpace:


===> AUDIO:

Martin Landsky - Live @ Oslo, Detroit 05.25.08

http://www.kontrolsf.com/K45/[email protected]_Oslo_-_DEMF08.mp3

===> VIDEO:

Martin Landsky @ Kecel Fest, 2007

Martin Landsky @ Romy S, Stuttgart - 2008



Andreas Werner is one of today's most prolific figures in the incredible techno universe of Cologne. He encapsulates a delicate rhythmic sound and expression that is best exemplified in his 12†'Zwrtshak Drive'—a favorite among artists such as Guido Schneider, Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos. It was also a #1 selection in the German publication Groove Magazine.

Supported in recent years by Triple R (head of the Traum label) under his pseudonym Audio Werner, Andreas has developed a sound that has renewed and continued the refined techno tradition in Cologne—the flagship European city for electronic music over the last decade.

Audio Werner has had releases on Perlon, Hello?Repeat, Traum, Trapez, Moon Harbour, Ware, and his own Hartchef Discos, disseminating his meticulous works that today still reveal many fresh nuances. His sound is part of a genre that the Germans gravitate to consistently and not without palpable success, especially considering the adversity towards decadent raves in recent memory.

Both contemplative and functional, his musical style is a voice for artistic minimalism in Cologne and serves as a reference for the entire international scene.

===> LINKS:

Audio Werner's website:


Audio Werner's discography


Audio Werner on MySpace:


===> AUDIO:

Audio Werner - DJ set @ Crossroads, Tokyo 06.23.07


===> VIDEO:

Audio Werner @ Subway, Koln - 2008

Audio Werner @ LesIzMor, Brussels - 2007



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