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Fil-à-fil -Northern Soul

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Fil-à-fil -Northern Soul

The newest member of Deep Nota Records doesn’t need a review to present its songs, their superb talent and creativity does all the work. Their beautiful productions speak for themselves!

What this band needs it’s more of an introduction for the person who hasn’t had the experience of hearing to their tunes and that is precisely what we will do in this posting…

Fil-à-fil originates from Germany. It became a fruit of the collaboration between different talented musicians, as listed: Jenny j(vocals),.Tom Kruse (Guitar), Knut Walther (Bass), Karsten Fuchs (Keyboards) und Christian Fehre (Percussions) with the DJs and producers Jan Helmerding and Jan Lang in the year of 2001. While also using guest musicians from time to time for their productions Fil-à-fil always hits the right notes that we’re sure will pleasure every music lovers ear and not just the ear of all the house heads out there…:o).

Now signed with Deep Nota Records Fil-à-fil brings one of their best works out there that covers more areas then house tunes usually cover, starting from the vocal part and continuing to the funk, taking a soulful break while in the meantime making its way for the deep part of the world of house…

Deep Nota Records proudly presents one of its newest members with their newest “Northern Soul EP†to all the real house music lovers out there...This is the EP we’ve all been waiting for!



Now available on:




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