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Brown, Andrew Phelan & Origami – Dusted Roots Vol. 3 OUT NOW


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Brown, Andrew Phelan & Origami - “Dusted Roots Vol. 3â€


In a follow up to their recent smash collaboration on Drop Music, San Francisco’s Andrew Phelan & Origami team up with Nottingham’s Brown for Volume 3 of the ‘Dusted Roots’ series. Representing a departure from the traditional style of Prismatic Tracks, the Dusted Roots releases draw heavily on a classic, trackier, more sample based sound. The Dusted Roots series has received support from a diverse set of DJs including Funk D’Void, Heather, Mazi, Jay-J, Colette and Laurent Garnier. Volume 1 bred the hit single ‘New Jack’s Revenge’, which hit #1 on Stompy.com’s top 100 chart. In a review of Volume 2, iDJ described the track ‘It All Goes Down’ as “Two parts ‘Energy Flash’ to one part heavy Chicago jack, it’s deep house at its darkest, most strobe intensive and some (me) would say very best. Awesome." Volume 3 looks set to follow in the same footsteps with 3 tracks blending the lines between funk, deep and tech house.


1. Stand Up

2. Good Party Life

3. Don’t Trust Myself

Available now exclusively at Beatport:

beatport_logobox_small_grn.jpg http://www.beatport.com/label/prismatic+tracks

DJ Support:

Laurent Garnier “da fonkyness yes yes will playyyYYYYYâ€

Shur-i-kan “very funkyâ€

Robert Owens “stand up track is cool, thanksâ€

Fred Everything “Nice set of party tools. Stand Up is my fav here thxâ€

Tedd Patterson “thats hot. who's got the funk?!!!!â€

Bryan Jones “damn, solid ep here. really bass heavy bumpy stuff compared to what ive heard from you guys before. i bet they sound wicked on a club systemâ€

Andy (Inland Knights) “great ep...was rocking stand up for a while few months ago but love good party life....!â€

Jason Hodges “Fresh ep..choice cut:Stand Up!â€

Raoul Belmans (Swirl People) “Stand up and Good party life! Both really nice tracks!â€

Giom “Excellent, I'm really feeling this! ‘Stand up’ is my favourite cut, but i'll also play ‘good party’ out! Thanks for sending, full support!â€

Jay West “cool party tunesâ€

Joshua Heath “i dig that dubby bounce against the cool horns on stand up. really dig the warehouse vibe on dont trust myself.. will def be givin these a pound or two :-)â€

Miles Maeda “Love the simplicity and sassy bump of Don't Trust Myself. Good job!â€

Littlemen “really like stand up and party life, top tracks. nice one chaps.â€

Da Sunlounge “I like this EP, Always a fan of Brown & Prismatic Good Party Life is the main one for me I think.â€

Ken Christensen “I really like Don't Trust Myself. Will definatly play this one as it has a cool and different vibe to it.â€

DJ Mes “now thats what im talking about! good stuff here, been digginparty life for some time now. Keep em comin!â€

Rick Preston “Really feeling "Stand Up" and "Good Party Life".....Slammin!â€

Radio Support:

Radio 1, Ibiza Global Radio, Radio Fritz, Proton Radio, Motion FM, Chicago House FM, George FM, My House Your House, Fresh Air, Top Radio Belgium, Point Blank FM, SS Radio UK, Club FM, Radio Petersburg, Global Beats FM, Frisky Radio


Founded in 2005, Prismatic Tracks is run out of San Francisco’s famed Moulton Studios complex by DJ and producer Andrew Phelan. The label is focused on a blend of deep, funk, and tech based house music, driven by the sounds of musicians and vocalists such as Origami, Audio Angel and Brown. Prismatic’s roster features some of the premier names in house music, including Bryan Jones, Chris Lum, Christian Malloni, Jake Childs, Jazzy Eyewear, Luke Solomon, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Ross Couch, and Santiago & Bushido. For more information please visit:


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