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New release from SexOnWax: Omid 16B - Sequential 002

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1. Same As You - Vocal Mix

2. Same As You - Club Dub

3. Same As You - Dub Mix

4. The Move - Live Vocal Mix

5. The Move - Live Club Dub

SexOnWax is all about propagating club music of distinction and quality, eschewing passing trends in favour of a passion more timeless and pure. The latest addition to Omid’s fresh, new Sequential series sees SexOnWax fly high into 2009 on the wings of Sequential 002.

Encompassing two very different tracks: ‘Same As You’ and ‘The Move’ in their various incarnations, represent the different sides of Omid’s psyche as well as the depth of his musicianship. ‘Same As You’ strikes out as an impressively fluid arrangement, where no (non-original) samples were used during production, whether it’s the synthesised lead lines, the beats or bass. Essential to this Sequential is the emotive saxophone, provided by the overly able Simon Taylor, together with the 80s-style vox. Here Omid gets busy on vocal duties himself, recording layered Heaven 17-esque harmonies, alongside the mighty Loui Smith and Luke Armstrong. (This actually brings Omid full circle as he used to sing and perform in an indie band!) Of the variations available, the Dub Mix and Club Dub strip things down for utmost dancefloor impact, while the swirling Vocal Mix ensures the ‘Same As You’ message hits home.

Next up, the way ‘The Move’ moves will definitely keep you guessing as to what could happen next and, since it’s packed with head-spinning surprises, it’s sure to invoke mass hysteria when heard properly on a good system. Arranged to get you deranged, ‘The Move’ challenges listeners with an exciting mash-up of changing rhythms that are held tightly in place by a funky-ass, live-sounding bassline. An epic flashback advanced by futuristic thinking, ‘The Move’ arrives in two main flavours: Live Club Dub and Live Vocal Mix.

Available now on Beatport:

Omid 16B - Sequential 002

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