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cable_recordings - 04/04/2009 17:26

Justin Johnson's chart for April, 2009

1 JOSH SURMA Goose Egg (Stare5 remix) From release: The Kollage EP Klectik Germany

2 MOSSMOSS Wishlist Muscle Calm (original mix) From release: Self Control EP RaceCar Productions

3 JOHN E Melta A Seltzer (original mix) From release: Melta A Seltzer Kismet

4 SAGE Triplots (original) From release: Triplots Clubstream Green

5 KIRIK KIRILL Noir Naturel From release: Noir Naturel Miniral

6 JG ALIM Make Your Mind Up (Nathan Coles remix) From release: Make Your Mind Up Wiggle

7 OSBORNE Wait A Minute (Arlo Mwambe remix) From release: Hovercrafting EP Spectral Sound US

8 BRIAN THOMAS The Drop (original) From release: The Drop Monism Music

9 J SOUL Get Ahead (Pig & Dan remix) From release: Get Ahead Twisted Frequency

10 THE CAPTAINS' CRUNK Monosodium Booty Breaks (Acid Circus' Crunkfunk mix) From release: Monosodium Booty Breaks EP Auralism

11 ARA Fanfare Fagaras From release: Transilvania Horns EP Gotham Grooves US

12 MANUEL DE LORENZI MP3 Sample Click to add item to current chart list Add to Wishlist Sick After Holidays From release: Fish In The Kitchen Rhythmetic Germany

13 CALVERTRON Oh Ley (original) From release: Oh Ley (remixes) Destination? UK

14 MAURIZIO VITIELLO Tira E Molla (Tim Xavier remix) From release: Autentico EP Bauns Italy



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