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Event: Blank & Jones at Ruby Skye, Fri, Apr 17 9:00p


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After two years in the making, Blank & Jones return with a glorious new RELAX album. The series which sold 75.000 copies of the first three editions now return with a fantastic 4th installment. This time Blank & Jones invited some illustrious guests to join them on their trip into the relaxing world of chill out and downbeat music, but also to discover some of the finest in beach house and bar grooves. The UK superstars KEANE (recently no.1 in UK and various other countries with their new album) have collaborated with the guys for the fantastic song "Try Again". Danish living legends laid back also join blank & jones on three songs and especially on "happy dreamer". The lyrics point out what the whole idea of the RELAX series is all about. Vanessa daou from new york brings in erotica with her wonderful voice and lyrics. Not to forget about all the beautiful instrumental mood tracks which Blank & Jones create. Beside appearing three times on the world famous "Café del Mar" CD series, Blank & Jones have provided their RELAX Music to well known brands like "Buddha Bar", "Café Ibiza" and "Milano Fashion". But still, the feeling of the complete Relax album can never be replaced by a compilation. It is a very intense experience of moods, sounds and voices which is absolutely unique.

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