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Artan Telqiu-Dilemma

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Artan Telqiu – Dilemma


Deep Nota Records maintains its continuum in the deep world of house. The track we’re about to introduce comes from an artist who’ve been in DNR’s midst since the very beginning. Sharing his talent with the world through Deep Nota’s portal, Artan Telqiu, a decade long House DJ and a producer brings his newest release “Dilemma†in the plate for everyone to enjoy. And to put the cream on top, Mickey K, a remarkable talent, ads his two remixes into the bundle. Preview the song and judge for yourself!!!

The release has three versions. Original, Mickey K's Remix and Mickey K's Guitar Mix...All of them have their own uniqueness!

The original version is a classic example of a good Deep House track leaning toward the lounge style of house music with elements that tend to pleasure every music lover's ear! The beats, the baseline, the melodic chords make this track retain the artist's creative signature and its originality.

Mickey K's remixes take us to another world. Starting with the beat, continuing with the groovy baseline and finishing with the perfect combination of the elements to bring the original tune into a different dimension of house! The remix is a perfectly put together dance floor tune with a certain club power in it. You can play this track anywhere, and you'll see heart’s pumping and bodies jumping...the guitar mix ads to the already great remix some funky/groovy guitar chords to extend the vibe to the next level. The remixes are sure to please the crowd no mater on what set you include it in.



Now available on:




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