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Meck feat Dino 'Feels Like A Prayer' (Napith Music) Official Video

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Some tracks just get better with time. First surfacing in 2007 as ‘Feels Like Home’ which went on to become an international club monster, Meck was subsequently contacted by Madonnano less to help her use 'Feels Like Home' in a mashup with her classic ‘Like A Prayer’ in the summer 2008. Which was featured heavily on her'Sticky & Sweet' Tour.

Following unprecedented demandMeck and Dino now bring you the track that caused such a stir with a host of top notch remixes from man of the moment Michael Woods, Dutch master Rene Amesz and acclaimed tech / trance producer Bart Claessen.

With his interpretation already receiving massive support from Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1, Michael Woods means business with his remix, building subtle tension with short drops and big FX rises before slamming back in with the beats & driving bass line, taking you to the break down then unleashing an unashamedly euphoric riff pattern that will make you reminisce back to the good old days of House music. The mix is very high in intensity and will blow the roof off any party the world over!

Rene Amesz comes with his trademark Dutch sound, piercing synth stabs layered over crisp chugging beats making very good use of the vocal line ‘Feel’s Like Home’, before that recognizable riff bursts out of the speakers and takes hold of your senses. The track progresses with a big and bold bass line and variating percussion hits in the mix, this mix will stretch across many different playlists!

Bart Claessen debuts on Napith Music with a booming tech-trance take of the original. His up-tempo rhythms are well crafted releasing awesomely uplifting waves of sound that will raise the hairs on the back of every neck in the club. As with the previous mixes he drops the euphoric riff pattern in the break but only teases us with it until the beats drop back in and he let’s go with that killer riff.

An energetic mix that will receive support from all the heavy hitters!

There is a mix to suit everyone’s tastes and ‘Feels Like A Prayer’ is no doubt the summer anthem of 2010.

See the Official Meck feat Dino 'Feels Like a Prayer' Video on http://www.youtube.com/napithmusic

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