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Tonbe-Evil is Back

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Tonbe-Evil is Back



Preview this release @ http://deepnotarecords.com/Tonbe-Evil%20is%20Back.html

When a statement is made each and every time with each and every release, the word of quality deep house sound stays underground around those who know what is what in the House Music Industry! Until the word gets OUT!!!Well, as you might have heard, the word is out! Deep Nota Records has gone Global! With artists from all over the world DNR has become the home of quality Deep House Sound! And this is just the beginning!!! The Secret is OUT! If you want to go to Deep House Heaven, Deep Nota Records' music archive is the place to go! Be that on Beatport, Traxsource or Juno...And now "TONBE - Evil is Back EP" is available EXCLUSIVELY only on Beatport.com!!!Tonbe returns with his now familiar style of music and once again proves his skills!

"Evil is Back" starts strong with percussions that will move every cell in your body, and just when other elements complete the beat the chords follow taking you to another dimension as if you were drawn by some kind of evil force that wants to control your body and make you move with the music! Evil is back and it's taking control...Watch Out!

"G Feeling" gives you the impression as if this was the sound that makes you follow evils plan. It's psychedelic and consuming! As if you were evils army unconsciously following orders. And this is where we all become part of the scheme while deep inside we still have that guilty feeling as if what we are doing is wrong...yet we enjoy it! It's that G Feeling. You know what I'm taking about!

"Let's Dance" it's the happy ending! When the good prevails over evil. It's time to dance people, time to celebrate! The song is simply put...Happy! By the time you get to the part where the track reaches it's climax...you'll be reaching yours! So let's get together people and LET"S DANCE!!!




Deep Nota Records


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