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OUTNOW! Line of Sight - Bubblegun + HightEight, Deenk, Jurassik RMX [Scarcity]

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Hello boys and girls!


Line of Sight - Bubblegun

Original + High Eight, Deenk, Jurassik Rmx!

Catalog: SCAR09

Release date: June 8th, 2010

Label: Scarcity Records ( http://www.scarcityrecords.com )

About this release:

Its summertime! And so we bring you summer vibes!

Line of Sight is a talented producer from Varna, Bulgaria making his way through to the most wanted progressive breaks artists of the moment. After few appearances on Scarcity as a remixer (And quite some wicked stunning remixes he delivered I may say) he is now back with an original tune that has got all the right ingredients to make your night at the club on the beach just perfect. Bubblegun is all about tight beats and beautiful atmosphere that go off deep into your mind; the surprise comes at the breakdown where Line of Sight plays his electric guitar and from there on the tune keeps building in a very sweet manner until you hit YEAH!

High Eight makes everything even more tighter and rolling and adds vocoder elements and wicked effects over the electric guitar theme from the original transforming the tune into a perfect summer outdoors festival peak time roller.

Deenk, from Cádiz, Spain is definitely a new talent to watch for! The guy has got mad skills and proves himself as a real beat wizard; if you are into your rolling, stomping, feet shuffling breaks then this mix shouldn’t leave your case for the whole summer!

Jurassik takes all the melodic elements from the original and puts them into the wobbly blender then pours the electric guitar theme over and adds some straight-beat breaks in a tasty 8-bit Atari Meets Breaks manner.


Bill Vega (En:vison, Bassrock, Downbeat) - "Big fan of Line Of Sight, I like the Trancey/Progressive style they have but they keep the beats a lot tougher than most progressive breaks which is what disappoints me about most Progressive Breaks. I like the Original a lot but I think the Deenk Remix is fucking spot on, I absolutely love it, 9/10

High Eight and Jurassic remixes are also good, a great package but the Deenk Remix was always gonna be the stand out track for me here"

Ian "Daniella Downs" (Dead Famous) - "SO yes @ the High Eight Remix! Super win!"

Kultur (iBreaks) - "Fantastic Release! Fresh sounds! The Original mix, the Jurassik Remix and High Eight Remix are 100% perfect for the dancefloor! I will support it in my Kultura Breakz show in the next weeks and also in my live sets. Favourite Track is the Jurassik Remix (4/5)"

601 (Rocstar) - "We will be supporting the Deenk and High Eight mixes on this one, mate. Another solid release!"

Run Riot (We Are Live) - "Lovin the energy in the Deenk Remix. Tasty drums too!"

Henry D (Bombtraxx, High Grade) - "I like the Original, will definitely be playing. High Eight Remix is nice too"

Pale Penguin (V.I.M.Records, The Scientifics) - "Strong package. Original and Jurassik Remix with that killer bass for me! I will defo be playing them and chart them in my new chart!"

Wrexx (En:vision, Scarcity) - "Original – Solid groove that keeps it flowing from start to finish. Loving the distorted guitar towards the end, really compliments melody / High Eight Remix – What really stands out in this is the effect Neil chose to ride over the guitar, gives it extra character. Solid remix for sure / Deenk Remix – The one thing that loses it for me with this one is the melodic pad that comes in right at 0:28. The detuning aspect of it drives me crazy! Especially when its placed as a main ingredient to the backbone of the track / Jurassik Remix – Nintendo Versus Lfohhhhh. This could be a song you would hear while on the last level of Contra.

Scarcity for President!"

Yreane (XSSR, Scarcity) - "The Deenk Remix is the one for me in this package. Monster tune! Also like Jurassik Remix musically"



More reactions, info and loads of goodies on our website: http://www.scarcityrecords.com

Hope you like these :D hehe


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