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My M.O. (NYC) Announces Monkey Remix EP Worldwide Release

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Website: http://www.mymoismusic.com/

My M.O.'s first official release is a 6 track EP featuring remixes by the emotionally-charged indie electronic single "Monkey". Dance and dubstep remixes by Doctrations of the Netherlands and HNH (HandinHand) of Brooklyn, NY. The EP includes two bonus tracks, the reggae infused, "Around the World" & and the Blondie inspired, "Lets Go Back."

The Brooklyn based group is making waves with their first release, the "Monkey Remix EP" and their debut album coming out this fall, but they are also busy playing live shows on the NYC circuit with their five piece band, which includes keys, bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

My M.O., is comprised of three young women hailing from different countries whose musical style is a harmonic blending of sounds that create a thumpin' pop mix of ethereal beats and lyrics. Though it should be said, that because the band has such a subtle hand in culling together such a broad range of sound, it's nearly impossible to peg them into any specific genre. So, let's just say this: The music is damn good.

By Max Eternity for Eklektx.com

Here in the U.S. polygamy might be frowned upon (by conservatives), but in the video to My M.O.'s new single, "Monkey," the band makes you think, "Hey, why not?" It's funny to think about having your cake and eating it too, but Dion, Katy and Erika, the ladies of My M.O. take the lifestyle more seriously by holding a spiritual ceremony to give their unconventional relationship the respect it deserves. Sorry, it's not exactly the tale of unrequited love the way Woody Allen would have pictured. My M.O. at least make it to the wedding.

By Richard "Treats" Dryden

Download the Monkey Remix EP!

Bandcamp - http://mymo.bandcamp.com/album/monkey-remix-ep

iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/monkey-remix-ep/id382284800

Watch the Monkey video on Youtube!

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