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Nightlife in September

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I am sure these questions/answers have been posted before but hopefully someone can help.

We are travelling through America and will be in Chicago at the end of September for 5 days (not over a weekend though).

1) Which area in Chicago has the majority or pubs/clubs?

2) Are there any major ones that we should go to?

3) Is it necessary/worth it to get tables in these clubs?

4) We would like to go and watch baseball/basketball, but if there are not any games on during our stay would it be possible to watch college games? (Since we are from England football is not an option as we play rugby and find the NFL frustrating to watch)

5) What do people spend on average on a night out?

6) Is there anything besides drinking that should be done whilst in Chicago - (we have looked on trip adviser)

7) Which bars/clubs are open the latest?

8) Does the Chicago University have bars within their campus that we can go to?

I know it is a lot of questions but we would be really grateful for some tips.

In return we can offer advice if you are going to travel to the UK or to Dubai/Abu Dhabi.



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