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Hi, we are Tokadisco Agency and we are the booking Agency for Corvin Dalek in USA.

We are very interested to show Corvin Dalek in USA clubs!!!

Please read below some quotes and DJ support that have corvin at the moment.

Please contact us: booking@tokadisco.com

Corvin dalek

Following a series of dj mix compilations, the hungarian born "chaud-master" corvin dalek presents his debut artist album "i am a dalek". performing his unique style of wet&hard, the pioneer of this refreshing and groundbreaking genre removes his mask and truly reveals himself. wet&hard - the seductive sound of new europe - is not just about sex, fast pumping basses, or

pornographic provocation. it is about freedom of thought, freedom of expression, the need for diversity and the beauty of individuality: the underlaying message of this album.

it contains corvins very successful and popular wet&hard tracks, such as "pornoground", "a real man" and "crystal" (which features new orders frontman bernard sumner on vocals) and includes the hot mr sam remix of corvins club classic "pounds&penz". it presents tempting new tracks such as "i like it 69" and the sensitive "manchmal tut es weh" (sometimes it hurts) both which feature new cummer to flesh: the feline fidelity kastrow. All tracks display the individual direction this musical style can take. This album shows that corvin has finetuned his own personal wet&hard style.

listen to it under http://www.flesh-berlin.de (full real audio promo)

"i wanted this album not only to express my own wet&hard sound," says corvin, "i wanted to expose myself. you can peer deeeep into my soul.".


dj support:


tony h. (it), timo maas (de), tiesto (nl), tall paul (uk), pete tong (uk), oliver moldan (de), oliver klein (de), mr sam (fr), moguai (de), klang (mx), judge jules (uk), john selway (usa), john peel (uk), gabri fasano (it), fergie (uk), darren christian (uk), da hool (de), cosmic gate (de), chrysler

(mx), blank&jones (de)...


radio support:


bbc radio 1 (uk), club madnezz radio (nl), clubbers paradise (de), fritz radio (de), hotradio (nl), ministry of sound radio (uk), radio Italia network (it), samurai fm (jp), topradio (be), wptc radio (usa)...


selected press:


>>> m8 mag, sep 03 (uk) <<<

"[...] grimy, rattling snares, kicks and crunches punctuate wobbling tranced-up techno-riffs, and its all framed with dirty vocals – orgasmic groans, electroclash-style berlin sex-sonnets, robotic porn commands. [...]

wet&hard may be sexy-obsessed, but its got a sense of humour too, which makes it much more convincing as an idea. [...] and the concept already has celebrity fans.[...] a 21st century take on sexual liberation [...] the wet&hard angle puts sex on a fleshy pedestal as the ultimate liberating

force, the answer to our ills." [corvin dalek cover story & 6 page feature]

>>> industrialnation mag, jan-jun 03 (usa) <<<

"never have the words sex, drugs and dance music been truer than when it comes to corvin dalek. the [...] berlin-based dj and producer creates and mixes cuts for danceclubs where stimulants, fetishes and unbridled libido are just as prevalent as dirty beats and a packed dancefloor. [...] dalek has built an entire scene devoted to the wet&hard concept, something that is more of a lifestyle than simply a musical genre. [...]"

>>> time out, 26 feb - 5 mar 03 (uk) <<<

"[...] wet&hard is the term that timo maas adopted for his own sound in 2000: summing up sweaty, murky, relentlessly pounding dance rhythms, best savoured in the dark. or as another vividly named devotee, fidelity kastrow, gushes on the website, its about what your heart needs to beat/ the groove of your life and about what gives you pleasure. at its best, this music combines the heady swirl of trance with resounding basslines and a strapping

tech-funk. [...]"

>>> dj mag, feb 03 (uk) <<<

"[...] its all sex, sex, sex with you, isnt it? oh, isnt it? well, it is round here. [...] dj corvin dalek plays at pornoground in berlin where it’s a kind of sub-underground movement thats attracting people with limitless energy and some seriously sexy ideas of how to behave in a club. [...]"

>>> the new york times, sun. 6 jun 00 (usa) <<<

"mr. daleks pounds&penz provide an adrenaline rush not unlike the best hard rock; [...] given the anemic state of too much of todays pop music, that’s really all i can ask for."

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