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Anyone here using the Denon S5000?

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I just picked up one of these:


I have always sworn off CDs in favor of vinyl but playing around with this unit has started to change my mind. The only real criticism I have on this whole CD scratch thing is the way they handle cueing. On vinyl, you can find your mark and make quick adjustments to your finger position. On these digital decks, no matter where you hold the platter, the cue point remains the same. I guess old habits will need to be broken for new technology.. Anyone else here adept at the use of this unit?

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Guest demo909

i just used on of these this past weekend down in the dominicana.....it's first rate all the way. I personally like the feel better than the cdj-1000 The plate spins as the cd is playing and you can slow down or speed up the tempo with some finger drag........it functions the same as a turntable.....very cool

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Yeah... I agree, the feel is better than the Pioneer. Since buying the unit last Friday, I've explored the features a bit more. Mixing is pretty easy, though the pitch slider by default is much different than 1200's (you can adjust it).

Here's a neat trick... Set the "key adjust" to -100% and the pitch to 0. While the track is playing, hit "key adjust" twice. The music will get stretched in realtime until you hit the key-adjust button again... interesting effect to use on echoes while the alpha track is playing..

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