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Chris and Kai (Yoshitoshi, Hooj) Top 10 - Oct 2003


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Chris & Kai's (Yoshitoshi, Hooj) Top 10 for October 2003


send all promos to:

201 W 74th, #8H

NY, NY 10023

contact: info@chrisandkai.com

01: Porter & Reavey - Oyster Crackers - [Fade Records]

Hands in the Air, Fist pumping madness! Make sure you listen all the way to the very end ... it's worth it.

02: Snap! vs Motivo - Power of Bhangra - (Eric Prydz Mix) - [CD-R]

Eric Prydz mix ... WOW!!

03: Salt Pervert - 5 AM Soho (Royal Sapien's London to Paris mix) - [Oxyd]

A really cool square wave bassline coupled with a hooky, slutty vocal makes this track a sure fire crowd pleaser. Go Oxyd!!!

04: S-PAA - That Sound b/w Breathless - [Ensoul]

That sound is the cut for us. With haunting middle eastern chants and a very strong ethnic feel, this record is to be played when you wanna take the crowd to another level of DARKNESS.

05: Jose De Divina, Evanz D & Tania Vulcano - Criminial Groove (Original) - [stomp]

We used this in our recent Proton Radio set. This shit is DOPE!

06: Andre Absolute - Digital Suspense (Blue Room Project's Mid Air Mix) - [sog records]

Deep, Melodic, Beautiful.

07: Lock & Burns - Don't wanna be free (Peter Bailey mix) - [Reference]

Bailey does it again with a chunky groove and a twisted bassline ... nasty!!

08: Tyrrel and Supercreep - Dope Quarter - [Elementary]

Ripping synth lines and the fantastic use of a sample from Led Zeppelin's classic "No Quarter" result in a quality groover.

09: Juilius Papp - Drum de Voodoo - [Neodisc]

Soothing chords over an infectious organic tribal bounce hook you deep into this seductive groove. Top notch!

10: Dirty Gringos - Cowbell - [Farm Records]

In the words of Christopher Walken, "I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of you... except once my pants are on.. i make gold records!"

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