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Guest sanmartindj

I tried the technics cd deck!!!

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Guest sanmartindj

hello everyone, I finaly tried the sldz1200. I went to my local guitar center without hopes of seeing the deck but much to my surprise they did have it!!. I have to say that thanxs to all the videos floating around I was very skeptic abouth this cd player but I aproached it with an open mind.

First of all it feels exactly like a 1200 turntable and the build quality is very good. the center display was bright and had all the information I needed. But as with all first generation products it was bound to have some bad things.

First of all the pich lock (or master tempo in the pioneers) is horrible!!! you can't touch the platter because it will sound like shit and if you move the pitch slider past the 3% mark you will hear something wierd sound (like the song is skipping in some parts). The deck also has a couple of sound effects (like Pan) but they all suck, they sound like something a toy robot would do.

All the other features of the deck work perfectly (as long as pitch lock is off) it has 4 samplers and 4 hot cues that were easy to setup and were very useful. Pitch bending was just like in a 1200, you could use the pitch slider or touch the side of the platter to slow it down and the little ring around the display to push it forward.

Like the pios it has a reverse switch and you have the option of having the reverse happening immediatly and therefore loosing your marker on the the plate (because the plate slows down and then speeds up in reverse) or you have the option of hearing the platter slowdown (for a second) and start moving the other way (and you don't loose your marker).

Sound quality was another issue, while it was by no means bad, it was below the pioneer cdj 1000 mk2.

Overall I really liked the deck but it's faults are too big to be overlooked. I really like the way they look and feel but I think I'm gonna keep my cdj 800 and wait (it's bound to happen eventually) for the sldz 1200 mk2.

Here is the info on the Technics Sl-DZ 1200


Higher quality images!




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